All computer browsers come preloaded with their own themes, settings, and a homepage – the first thing you see when you launch a browser. As more developments are being made, the need to ensure a software satisfies the users became the utmost goal of all software developers. This led to what can be termed the customization ability all software was given. With this ability, users of the software are able to change as many things they want using a set of pre-set tweaks the developers released. These tweaks include but not limited to design layouts, themes, etc. and are released on a regular basis.

If you are someone like me who uses google a lot when trying to get an answer to a question bothering me, then it is okay if you want to change the theme and layout of your browser. This is because it can get pretty boring if you have to look at the same thing over and over again whenever you start-up your browser. There are several ways you can modify your browser and several things you change your homepage too. One of the most popular homepage people turn to is the google search engine.

The Google search engine is always changing its logo, thus it is one of the few homepages that offers flexible access to users. Also, it would save you time as all you need to do is simply enter the words you want to search for. In addition, you can choose to use another homepage. This article will look walk you through how to make homepage on chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and other computer browsers.

  1. Google Chrome
How to make homepage on chrome is a little different from the other browsers. Here are the steps you need to take to set up a new homepage for yourself on the Google chrome.

·  Open the Chrome browser and go to the menu. To do this, you need to locate the renowned three vertical dots that denotes menu almost all the time. Click on the dots. This will reveal the overflow dropdown menu box.

· Next, you need to locate the “Settings” option on the menu panel. Click it and you would be taken to the settings screen.

·  The next thing is to locate the “Appearance” section. You would have to scroll down to do this. You need to look for “Show home button”. Under this option, you will see where you can toggle it. You need to turn it on.

·  If you do it correctly, you will see a blank box just under it that will display “Enter custom web address” in it. Enter the URL of the page you want to use as your homepage.

·  Close the settings and google chrome will load your new homepage

  1. Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer is one of the oldest browsers when it comes to computer browsers. They are gradually not being used much due to the flexibility of other computer browsers. Nevertheless, they are still very much around. To customize them is also very straightforward.

This is a particularly useful option for people who find it difficult to interact with Internet explorer’s default homepage. The default homepage of internet explorer can be complex for new users hence the reason why you should change it.

·  As soon as you open the browser, you will see a gear icon at the top right corner of your screen. You need to click on the icon. This would present a dropdown menu for you.

·  Now from the list of options, you need to choose and click “Internet options” from the menu. Another separate tab will be opened; It will be a pop-up box in the older version of the Internet Explorer.

· Locate the “General” section. The first thing in this section is the “Home Page”. This is the option that you will use. You can now select “custom URL” as your homepage. Once that is done, you need to enter the web address of what you want your homepage to display.

·  Since you are probably going to use google as your new homepage, you should enter Click apply and your changes would be saved.

  1. Mozilla Firefox
The Mozilla Firefox browser is quite popular among computer users. It is one of the best, fastest and lightest browsers you can use. To customize your homepage you can follow the following steps:

·  Start-up your Firefox browser. At the top right corner, you would see a gear icon. This is the icon that would open the preference setting menu on your browser. The tab will be opened in a new tab and if it does not take you straight to the tab, you need to open it yourself.

·  If you are using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, the preference settings menu contains a list of options on how you can customize your browser.

· Under the “Home” tab, you would see a box next to “Homepage and new windows”. Click on the bow and a dropdown menu will be displayed.

· On the dropdown menu, you would see custom URLs, Firefox (default) and Blank page. You can select either of the three, but since you are more concerned with customizing your homepage, you need to choose “custom URLs”.

· If you want to create a google homepage, you need to enter Google’s web address i.e. you plan on using another thing as your homepage, you can enter the web site URL of the website.

· Once this is done, you can then close the tab and your Mozilla Firefox browser will proceed to open with the new homepage.