What do people search for on the web the most? It is a question that is often in the mind of internet users around the globe. It is also important to online marketers and business owners. Search Engine Optimization is a vital part of the online business world.

In this article, we will learn what people search for the most when using the search engine Google. Other details like "what people talk about", "what people usually search (long-term, short-term)" will be discussed.

To learn more about the most searched words on Google, we will have to first discuss "what people talk about".
What Do People Talk About

People love to talk about interesting topics like fashion, sports, world news, politics, and other wide-ranging issues. People also love to discuss their own achievements. Basically, people always will talk about what interests them the most. While this may differ, in the aggregate run, you will find that people are not as different as they think.

This influences what they search on google. This is why billions of people search for the same keywords daily on the internet.

We learn that because people talk about entertainment, services, and information, the most searched keywords are usually from this genre.

We will now discuss how to find out the most searched words on google using some easy life hacks.

Google Trends

Google Trends presents the popularity of a specific keyword in a specific location. It is quite useful for business owners to know where their brand is the most popular. Using the information gotten from google trends helps in deciding advertising concentration and where to focus supply to.

For normal users, Google trends will help you keep up to date about what the world or your specific geographical location is discussing. It is some sort of community round table where all the issues that are the most popular in a location can be seen.

Google trends have this amazing feature, the ability to split related topics into "Top" or "Rising" topics. This feature will help you differentiate between topics gaining momentum or topics losing steam. This feature is particularly important because it can be used to predict which keywords will be the most searched on search engines.

Google trends can also be used by content creators to create contents that are not redundant but current. This is important for content creators to attract views to their content.

Google Autocomplete

Originally, Google Autocomplete was called Google Suggest. It was introduced to reduce the time needed to type in searches on the internet. An alternate use has been developed by SEO professionals and online marketers to learn more about popular keywords and relevant searches in real time.

Basically, the tool completes your search words before you finish by attempting guesses of what you'd like to search based on history, search results, search patterns, and page rankings.

How It Works Exactly

Immediately you enter a few letters, the Google algorithm begins running search patterns on the letters and possible suggestions will begin to show. Google Autocomplete also shows the most popular searches as related to your keywords.

Your search history also helps Google in patterning suggestions for your related search words. This search pattern becomes very personalized because it is based on your personal habits.

Using Google Autocomplete will tell you about search trends, most searched words and latest search patterns even without meaning to because of its algorithm that predicts your search words before you complete them using history, trends and other information.

It is a good tool to use to find out popularly searched words on google.

While this tool is mostly used by content creators to get ahead of their competitions by using the "long-tail" keywords feature, it is also easy to find keywords and the most searched words on Google using this tool.

You can even check the ranking of a keyword in the list of most searched keywords on Google by just typing in the word and you'll get a list with the position of the keyword you typed in the ranking of most searched words on Google.

Google Keyword Planner

This is apt because it is a tool from Google itself that presents you with vital information about keywords searched on the Google engine.

It is also reliable to use because it is absolutely free of any charges. It is important to note however that you will not be informed about other search engines but just Google.


There are many ways to find out the most searched word on Google, it is also not fixed. It is a trend that can shift at any time. While most of these tools will tell you what is popular in real time, they can only predict what will be popular in the long-term. This is susceptible to change because of world unpredictability.

Any sudden worldwide occurrence can shift the trend from some words to the words associated with the occurred event. In times of natural disasters, research showed that "aid" went up more than 10 times the normal usage by internet users.

It is possible to find out the most searched keywords for particular locations at a particular time. With the tools stated above, your knowledge about current trends will be improved.