Widgets have been around since Android smartphones were made. As much as they are very useful features of the Android smartphone, they are also considered frivolous and playful at times. The critical thing here is, the people that consider it as frivolous are those who have had some sort of not too good experience with widgets. There are tons of widgets and apps that offer widgets for android user. Widgets make it quickly to access vital information without wasting much time to do it. There are a lot of useful and totally useless widgets on the Google Play store for download. Here, the article will classify the most important apps that offer the best widget services. These categories include best android clock widget, best android calendar widget, best android to do list widget and a host of others.

  1. Best clock widget
Under this, we would discuss those widgets that have extremely useful widgets. They make it possible to customize the way you view time on your phone.

· Chronus: The Chronus app is a flexible, stylish, cool clock widget. The widget also comes with weather and news bar where it can display the latest news or weather information.

The Chronus widget is the most perfect single replacement widget for most of the widgets that comes with your Android smartphone. It has a task widget if you need it that is compatible with Google widgets. It is also compatible with google fit so you can monitor your fitness even more easily. The widget also has built-in Gmail, missed calls and calendar extensions if you want them. In short, it has almost all the features of what can be referred to as All in one widget. It also supports daydream screensaver i.e. if you do not want your phone to completely sleep, you can activate this option to keep your phone active at all times. You can customize almost everything on the Chronus widgets.

The pro (premium) widget subscription of Chronus allows you to read news from Twitter and Reddit! With the pro subscription, you would also be able to access Microsoft exchange, evernote, and Todoist.

·  Alarmy (Sleep if U can): This is one of the few apps that manage to dare you and almost always win. Alarmy dares you to sleep if you can. The truth is, when it starts ringing unless you complete the tasks, it won’t stop ringing. Even if you switch it off, it would still ring! Alarmy is pretty much basic in its functions. It displays a simple analog clock to check the time and when tapped, takes you straight to where you can select an alarm.

  1. Best note taking widgets
·  Evernote: Evernote is very productive apps that have a widget interface. The widget allows you to write and jot notes down. In addition, you can add other textbooks to the jotting you put down.

· TickTick: TickTick is one of those few task manager apps that takes you to a whole new level of productivity. TickTick itself has more than seven (7) widgets all with different functions. The app is very useful, that is just the plain truth. (I use the app on my phone and I can say it is just wow) TickTick comes with a subscription premium package for those who want it. It is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

·  Google Keep: there is hardly anything one can want that google does not have an answer for. Completely free to download with no in-app purchases, Google keep is an excellent note-taking app that has two widgets. One allows you to take short note, memos, etc., while the other widget allows you to take notes and pin them to your Android's home screen.

  1. Best calendar widget
Here, we highlight just two very superb tried and tested best android calendar widget apps that show what the date is:

·  Google calendar
The google calendar is a free app from Google and has access to a huge database of information that makes it one of the best at what it does. With Google calendar, you can create events you want to attend and set reminders for it. You can add synced calendars too and lots more

·  Month
Month is not so popular thanks to a large amount of google calendar users. The month app is a beautiful calendar that can seamlessly switch between themes, icons, wallpaper, etc. The best thing about Month is that it is compatible with Google calendar. It is free for download on the Google play store but has in-app purchases (premium subscription package)

  1. Best misc Widgets
Widgets in this categories are a must-have for people on their smartphone. We will group them together here because it would be lengthier discussing them under different their real widget category:

·  Battery Widget reborn: available for free and at a price on play store, you can download and install one of the best battery meter widget. Battery Widget Reborn provides many details on how healthy your battery is.

·  KWGT Kustom Widget Maker: This is a free app with no in-app purchases at all. This widget maker is one of the best in the google play store. KWGT Kustom widget maker is pretty difficult to master. You might have to check YouTube tutorial videos to get how it works.

·  Todoist: Todoist is one of the most beautiful apps in the Google Play store. Todoist is used for arranging task. Basically, you can say it is a task management app. The widgets are almost like an app i.e. they have many functions only apps should have. You can also sync your device and access your documents