Google Maps is the largest map application on Earth. It provides an enormous amount of locations and can be used as an orientation for almost everybody. Even if you get lost in a small village with narrow broken roads, Google Maps could save the day. But what if there is a place that is not visible on the map? Well, you can just add it! Let's find out how.
New Location In Google Maps
1. Open Google maps on your phone

2. Tap the menu icon

3. Add a missing place

If you want to add a particular address, then do the following procedure:

1. Open the menu again

2. Search for an address

3. Then tap the address on the bottom

4. And finally, tap on "Add a missing place"

You can also add a location using a pin

1. Find the exact location of the place you want to add

2. Drag and drop the pin (press on the map for several seconds)

3. Drop the pin (remove your finger from the screen)

4. Tap on the pin card at the bottom of the screen

5. And again, tap "Add a missing place"

The absolutely same procedure is for iOS and desktop.

But this is not the only thing you can do. There are tons of other possibilities that we, the regular people have.

Editing roads on Google Maps

This is a recently added option that helps people to edit the roads a lot easier without talking directly with the staff Google Maps.

1. Tap on the menu icon

2. Scroll down and tap on "Send Feedback"

3. Then tap on "Edit the map"

4. Find the road segment you want to edit and tap on it

5. Tap "Next"

6. Give all the details required (Name, the lines that are drawn incorrectly, the possible ways like left or right, etc.)
he suggestions to Google Maps.

After that wait, a few days and the roads will be edited.

Many business owners want to add the location of their buildings. Unlike the other maps like Apple maps, you don't have to use a separate platform designed for businesses.

You can do it through Google Maps. You only have to ask for verification in Google My Business.

But if you don't see your business on the map even after receiving a verification, don't worry.

There is still a way to add it. Follow these steps:

1. Enter the website of "Google My Business"

2. Click on "Start Now" (A green button located on the top right corner)

3. Enter your Google email ID and password (If you don't have an account, click on the "Create Account" button)

4. Pass the phone verification (Add your phone number if you are asked too)

5. After that, a window will pop up. You can write down your business name on it.

6. Add the required details.

7. Then a box will appear. Check it if you deliver goods to clients.

8. If there are any businesses that match your location, they will appear. You can check if your business is listed. If yes, click on the radio button. It's located next to the address.

If you don't find it, click on "This doesn't match". Once you are done, click "Next".

Then choose the category of your business and click "Next" again.

On the next window, you can write down the website and the phone number of your business. This will help your potential customers to reach you.

After that, you should confirm your business' name and address. Then Google will send you a code that you can use for the listing verification.

Now just wait until you receive welcome messages from Google. Keep in mind that your business will not show on the map if you forgot to verify it.

Now let's move to the next level - Google Earth

How to add 3D buildings in Google Earth

Yes, it's possible! But you need the SketchUp Tool. In order to display 3D buildings, enable the 3D layers. You can design the whole building by yourself. This software is the best option but it requires a lot of deep learning.

Google Building Maker

This tool is designed for Google. It’s an easy and fun way to do this task by yourself. You just have to select your city and the designing process starts. It’s like you are constructing a real building. It’s very similar to the other 2 programs, but this one is completely integrated with Google.

The other famous tool is Building Maker. It’s easier to learn but the quality of its modelling is lower. Nevertheless, it’s a perfect option for beginners and for people who just want to try out the building modelling.

For best results use detailed and quality photos. You can take pictures with a drone or from a higher building located next to yours. There is always a good enough place to take your pictures.

If you are a big business with a big budget, you can hire a team or a freelancer who knows how to do it professionally. Sometimes it’s better to pay with your money instead of your time. Especially if you are not good at designing things.

There are many other things that can be done with Google Maps and Google Earth, but they are more advanced and you probably don’t need to know them.

Google Maps has proven itself as the best map application which helps to a lot of people every day. If you have a business, make sure that it’s on the map, because that’s a good and free advertisement.

And a good thing is that everybody can add something like on Wikipedia. This saves tons of work for the developers. It also prevents mistakes. But even if there is a mistake, people spot it and it’s quickly fixed.

Google knows how to do its work perfectly. Only Google Maps is enough to prove this fact. And it gets better with every single day! We hope you learned something new. Enjoy your experience with Google Maps and have an amazing day!