Pandora is a music streaming service that creates some sort of radio station for the songs of the artist you like. Even if you do not select a favourite artist, if you choose to play a song, the Pandora AI will select a couple of related genres for you to play. It was released for personal computers and was initially accessible on its desktop site alone. As at the time of this write-up, it can now be accessed by various media playing apps and devices. Tech devices like the Amazon smart speakers can easily stream music from the Pandora website. Cars that come with Google assistant and in fact any AI assistant will seamlessly stream music from Pandora. There is also the app for Android and iOS users. Pandora’s rise to fame has been a reward of their diligence and readiness to provide their over 200 million registered users and casual listeners. With such a large amount of people using Pandora, it is safe to say at least someone in a group of music lovers uses Pandora streaming service.

The impressive thing about Pandora’s AI is that you can only choose the genre or type of song you want to listen to. Once you select that, you have no more control over the radio station. Its AI will determine what you hear when you hear it. Using Pandora means you accept the AI’s control of your access to the radio station. It should be noted that you can only skip a specific number of songs after which you will be blocked from doing so. Another key thing to remember here is that you do not have the ability to skip or replay the song. It is almost like an original radio station and you do not control the songs played live from the station, do you?

Pandora offers its service as a freemium service in which users do not have to pay for the service. Pandora has two plans its registered users and active listeners can subscribe to. There is the chance to upgrade their account to either of two premium service – Pandora Plus and Pandora premium. Since the launch of these premium services, their active users have swarmed as the offer to get either of the premium services for a token. It is important to note that with the Pandora plus subscription, you can skip, replay or download for free any song you want. If you are reading this it means you want to know how to get Pandora premium free android. You might also be here to know one or two things about Pandora.

How to get Pandora premium free android

There is just one way of doing this and it is a very official thing i.e. the Pandora Company itself made this method available. To get the premium streaming service for free, the Pandora Company announced that the only way to do this is by watching a 15-second ad video. This ad video is called Pandora Premium listening session. You can follow these steps to do that:

· Locate the search bar on the app or website.

· Do a quick search of an artist or a song you want to listen to. Select the song from the search results.

· Once it loads and since you do not have a premium subscription, you would be presented the option to unlock it by watching an ad. Once you do this and start listening to the song, you would receive more suggestion from the AI on more songs. These songs require you to watch an ad so you have to decide whether they are worth the effort.

The steps mentioned above assumes you already have your Pandora account logged in with Pandora on your phone’s app or their website page.

Benefits of using Pandora over other apps and services

· With Pandora, you do not have to go through the stress of selecting the songs you like from tons of music. There are a lot of companies that offer the same services Pandora offers. Pandora beats them because of its impressive AI. The AI allows you to vote down songs you don’t like or artist you do not want and you won’t get their song suggestions again.

· The ability to create a station makes it even more impressive. You can create a station for every genre from fast beat songs, old school classics, reggae beats, and the list goes on. With Pandora, you also have access to the lyrics of the song. This means you can sing along with the artist even if you are hearing the song for the first time.

·  With Pandora, you can share the stations you created with your friends and families. In addition, the can also share you their favourite stations.

· Pandora also ensures you know about new songs that are trending by adding them to a list of suggested songs. These list of suggested songs are songs that are very similar to the genre of song you are listening to.

·  Pandora syncs with every device you own or can log in your device onto. This means that where ever you are, as long as you can log into your account, you will always have easy access to your favourite stations.

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Benefits of using Pandora’s premium service

· Pandora Plus: The Pandora plus premium subscription is monthly based. It gives you the opportunity to skip whatsoever song you want to skip and does not have a limit. This means you can basically skip songs all day long! It also comes with no Ads. It also comes with unlimited music streaming.

· Pandora premium: with this subscription, you can download any song you want on the app, stream any song without timeouts etc.