For someone who is adept (Tech geeks) at interacting with tech gadgets would not be new to the techniques to apply when trying to print from their phone.  But for someone who is new to using Android smartphone, he or she will be very confused about how to print from Android phone to network printer.

As technology progresses the amount of task you can do on your Android smartphone is becoming almost endless. The only thing that stops you from doing anything on your Android phone is probably your knowledge.  android has made his possible for people to send documents wirelessly from smartphone to printers and get the hard-copy form of their documents From ordering food online to play music streaming music buying a car there are many things you can do to your smartphone.  This article will teach new Android users who think how to print from Android phone to network printer is a herculean task.
There are a number of ways you can print from your Android phone but we will focus on just two very effective ways. These two ways you can print from your Android phone and they would be discussed below:

Method 1: Google Cloud Print

1.  Setting up google cloud printing
Google is one of the new leading technology giants doing research on how to make life better for people using technology.  google cloud print is a platform that allows you to print wirelessly from your phone. Thanks to more and more printers.

Google cloud print phones pre-installed with many android phones having android version of 4.4 and above. something you might have to download the google cloud print manually and you can do these by visiting the google play store. once you download the app the following steps are for you:

·  You need to open the app. before you do anything you need to add your printer to your phone. To do this,  you need to first connect your smartphone and printer to the same Wi-Fi network.

· Next, you need to access the settings of your Android phone. Once you this, you need to navigate to the printing section. If you don’t know where it is, you can simply search for it by pressing the lens icon you see on your screen.

· Once you get to the printing section, there are a lot of methods you can use to print and they will be displayed in this section. We are using the cloud print so you have to choose this in the section.

·  Tap the three dot at the top right corner. This is the menu button for this section. You will see some options but you don’t need to concern yourself with those. You want to add a printer so that is what you should click. As long as your printer is connected to the same network, cloud print will see your printer and connect to it. Once it connects successfully, you are now set up to print.

2.  Printing

    The next thing is to print your document. As simple as it sounds you still need a few tips to get the job done.
   ·  Find the document you want to print. It could be anything as long as you have anything on your phone, it is printable.

   · Tap the popular three-dot that signifies the options or menu button depending on the place it is displayed. This would bring a number for of options. You are interested in the option that says ‘Export’. Just in case you do not find the export option, you need to download it on your phone and navigate to your file manager app to locate the file.

   ·  Print. This is the last step if you are using this method of printing. Cloud print will automatically access the printers on your phone's network. If you have added more than 1 printer, you would be asked to select the one you want to use for the printing work.

Method 2: Email printing

This is a method businesses and large firm majorly employ in their offices. Most of the latest printers come with emails that can be accessed using your own email account. With this, you just need to send the printer a mail of the document and it would automatically print out the attached document. Impressive right? The best part, individuals can also use it and the steps to take would be discussed below:

· Open your email address and click on the compose message box.

·  Type the email address of the printer you want to use for the job as the recipient’s name i.e. the To box.

·  Without typing any message whatsoever in the dialog box below it, click or tap on the Attach button. The attach button in case you are new to attaching files in email messages looks like a paperclip; mostly at least. Sometimes, you have to press an additional button to find the attach option. It all depends on the type of Email client you use.

·  Navigate to the location you downloaded or stored the file you are working on printing. Attach it and wait for it to finish loading. This is usually dependent on how good your network connection is and how big your file is.

· Send the file and your printer would start the printing work immediately.

So there you have it, printing from your phone is seamlessly easy as long as you have a printer up to the task. It is thus important to consider this the next time you want to buy a printer; you never know when this guide might come in handy.