Can I recover deleted text messages android? Well yes, you can! There is always that chance of a small slip of mind where you suddenly delete something important and realize it after the deed has been done. Sometimes we do it with the best intentions in mind only to realize you mixed something up. There was a time I needed space to install an app on the Google play store, so I started scrolling through my Android device’s file manager and suddenly saw a folder named “mob”. On checking the size of the file, I saw it was holding less than 100MB. Immediately I opened it and saw it contained hidden files. Seeing as I needed the space, I swiftly deleted the folder. Later that day I opened ‘Road warriors’ a game on my smartphone and realized all my saved progress was gone. I later surfed the internet for various steps to recover android phone data, the important thing I learned was that the file was gone. This is because as soon as you delete a file, your Android device does not delete it instantly. Instead, it waits for you to add new data on the phone so that the new file can overwrite the data.
How To Recover Deleted Text Messages Android
The same goes for text messages. There are some text messages that contain vital information that there is no thinking what would happen if it is lost. This article will help you answer the can I recover deleted text messages android question.

Note: The are various ways you can recover your deleted data including:

  • Google drive
  • Computer software
  • Local backup
Everyone using an android phone knows that Google drive offers about 15 GB of free space which can be extended if you want by paying a fee. The easiest way is to back up your device to your google account. This article will address only one method. This method is becoming increasingly popular and we would like to help people know if they need it or not or how effective they are.

Computer software

Computer software has come a long way in redefining the use of the computer. There is hardly a task you want to do on the Computer that does not have its own software. The important thing is to make sure you install the program from respectable sources to prevent phishing or virus and you are good to go. There is a lot of software available for download on the internet. Each one comes with its pro and cons i.e. advantages and disadvantages. While some software finds a balance between the two of this, some don’t. Here is our choice – FonePaw. It’s a working program (one for windows computers, the other for Apple or iOS computers) that will ensure you do not waste your time searching for useful software to use for.

  • FonePaw Android Data recovery software (Windows and Mac PC)
This software allows you to install on both mac and windows computer. To get started:
-  You need to download and install the software from the official site of the software developers. Then launch the program; it should look like.

-   Next thing is to connect your phone to the computer. As soon as you connect your phone to the computer, you also need to navigate to your phone’s setting. Once you are on your setting’s menu, you need to scroll down to Developer’s option and toggle on USB Debugging.

-  If the developer’s option is not activated on your phone, scroll down to the last option on the menu “About Phone”. You will see an option that says “Build number” or “Kernel number”. Tap the option between five to seven (5-7) times. If you get it right, you would receive a message that says ‘you are now a developer’. Now go back to the settings menu and activate the USB debugging as stated above.

-  Once you do this, your computer should display that it has successfully connected to the phone. In other words, you should see.

-  You can now select the deleted files you want to recover. There are a lot of data you can recover. You can recover Pictures, audios, videos, documents, WhatsApp messages and attachment, text messages, etc. Since you are more concerned with recovering your text message that is logically what you should go for. Once you select text message (Messages and Message Attachments) as the option, click next.

-  If you do this right, you would see a prompt on your android device that requires you to give the software access to the deleted data on your device. After you do that, the program running on your computer’s screen will begin to scan.

-  Here is the tricky part you will see all your messages all right, both your deleted text messages and the existing ones. Simply click the text messages you want to recover and press “Recover”. And if you want, you can only preview it.

-  Should you choose to restore, the messages will be saved on your computer at a specified location – usually on the desktop. You can now access your messages and read them albeit on your computer.

NOTE: It is important you that as you decide which of the aforementioned software is best for you, you also keep in mind that the only way to get the best out of this software is by purchasing the plan to upgrade your account. The software has a Pro version you must upgrade your account to. If you don’t the only thing you can do is preview the deleted messages without recovering it.