Have you ever mistakenly deleted a message on android and find yourself wondering can I recover deleted text messages android? Well, technically you can attempt to salvage it. Nobody is above mistakes, we are all humans after all. We have at one point in time doing something we wished we didn’t do. Smartphones on the other are not human and even when a mistake happens, there are still ways to cover it up. There are two main reasons people want to recover a text message; personal reasons and business purpose. I mean imagine deleting the phone number of a new client? The truth is, when you ask your smartphone to delete something, the android doesn’t delete the message or file completely from its memory. It just calculates the size of the message or file you are deleting and add it back to the unused memory space for new files to use. The first thing to do once you delete an important message is to immediately stop using the phone! Put it in airplane mode if possible.
How To Recover Deleted Text Messages Android
Note: if you are trying to recover the message from the device you are reading this article with, it would be even more difficult and nearly impossible. This is because there is no guarantee your android has not overwritten the file or message to store your weblogs.

This following method can be tried but if you might already be out of luck so no guarantee!

  1. Evaluate the situation
As soon as you delete the message, turn on airplane mode and make sure you stop using the phone. Now evaluate the significance of the message. If you can get the message back without tampering with your phone. If you can, then you can reset your phone by switching off the airplane mode and immediately call the recipient. By recipient, I mean the person who sent the message to you in the first place. It is the safest method in this article.

If this method does not work, there are still two methods I will give but it has been known to work and sometimes not work. In fact, those times it didn’t work, it was detrimental to the person, in the long run, i.e. their phones were either infected with a virus or damaged because they didn’t get the procedures. You can also try and Reset then restore your phone. This is a particularly viable option if you are always connected to the internet and you have an auto backup on.

  1. Using PC Software
There are a lot of Data recovery programs for Android that you have to download and install on your personal computer. These programs are third-party programs and they are definitely not certified by Google or your phone’s manufacturers.

The main reason why they do not have a licence from Google and the phone’s manufacturer is that you need to root your smartphone. Yes, with this rooting of your phone, you are breaking terms and conditions of using your smartphone and your Android device’s warranty becomes void. This means you cannot send back your phone to the manufacturer to repair for free if something damages or affects the phone’s performance. Rooting is risky and should only be done by strictly following guidelines and rules to do it. Also, failure to use a good rooting app on your android phone can cause unexpected results. Thus, you need to do your research well before rooting your phone if the message is that important.

These third-party programs can locate and recover files and messages already marked to be overwritten by new data. With these apps, you can then decide if you want to move the message or file from being deleted to its normal location on your phone.

One last thing to note about these software programs is that they come free but to actually be on the safer side, you need to buy their premium plan. Thus, you have to be sure the message or file is worth all the risks and cost you are incurring before going on with it.

  1. Cloud Backups
This is a better way to go if you do not want to root your phone. Most of the latest smartphones come equipped with Google's own cloud storage –Google drive. The google drive automatically backs up your messages and photos. Other files have to be backed up manually. It is important to note that some smartphones do not automatically do this. I think you need a stroke of luck here. If you are lucky enough to have a phone that auto back-up your messages, simply tap on the drive app in your apps menu, navigate to the settings menu on the app and select backup. From there you should see something that says SMS messages. Simply restore it immediately before it is deleted from the backup.

One thing to note is that using this method will restore all old messages and most of the new ones will definitely be gone. So ensure you back up the new one separately before doing the restore.

As you can see from the steps above, it is sometimes impossible to recover deleted text messages on your Android device. There are no guarantees, even when you manage to root your phone without damaging it, you would violate your phone’s TOC. Hopefully, this articles have addressed the - can I recover deleted text messages android - question. The best thing to do is to be as careful as you can when accessing your smartphone. In addition, nothing is stopping you from backing up important sensitive messages and files on your device or cloud storage. If it is important, back it up!