Amazon is the marketplace where you can find almost everything you want. It is a worldwide expanded business that every individual can approach it. From time to time, Amazon has itself made up gradation in its services for the sake of customer’s satisfaction. Amazon has introduced the amazon prime that is helpful for shopping of various products easily by the customers. Amazon has introduced an option that will allow you to watch movies and TV shows on live stream and can also be rented. This is amazing to hear about it.

At one time, if you want to watch a movie, you will go to the theater and purchase a ticket for the movie. Sometimes the movie that you want to watch will not be available at the theater. You had to wait for its availability.

Then you will go for a movie on the time specified by the theater for streaming that particular movie. If you missed the time, your ticket will be expired. You would have to buy a new one for watching.
There had no privacy and no enjoyment of watching a movie in the theatre but at that time there was no alternate way of watching movies.

Amazon has brought your choice of movies to your bed. You can select your desired movie, and the amazon prime will offer you the movie in its original format with no hustle of ticket and time. Here you will choose your time for watching a movie. You will pause the movie whenever you want. You can watch it wherever you want.

It is all about the growing technology and Amazon has very professionally adopted it. Now, the amazon prime has only targeted the US for providing the buying or rental of the movie through prime. It is only restricted to the US. In the future, it will be an option for all over the world but they are formulating some policies and rules so that Amazon customers cannot be suffered.

Amazon has made a remarkable image in the market. It is hard to compete by any of the other marketers as Amazon is very kind to its customers. Amazon offers a lot of other benefits to its regular customers, its members. After subscription to Amazon, you will get a lot of bonus and discounts on various products. You will get gifts and souvenirs through Amazon on every special occasion.

This article is all about how do I rent a movie on amazon prime? As the amazon prime is too friendly to use, so there are simple steps for renting a movie on amazon prime. If you have a connected device or just go to the prime video on your browser or use the prime video app on your device. You will find categories. Just go to the movie category or write the movie name is a search bar.

You will then select more purchase option. There you will see two options Buy and Rent. If you buy the selected movie, it has a separate charge. After deduction of charges from your connected account, the movie will be added to your video library. You can see it whenever you want. If you want to rent the selected movie, click on the rent and it will deduct the rental charges from your account and the movie will be added to your video library for a specific period of time. When the rental charges expire, the movie will automatically disappear from your video library.

Issues while renting a movie.

There come issues sometimes while renting or buying a movie. These issues mostly due to non-entering of correct information while applying for the movie. But you don’t have to be a worry as it will be resolved easily. Just check your order status that whether your request for the selected movie you ordered was properly received by amazon prime? If it is clear, then see whether the payment has been done through your account. Most of the time you don’t have the credit in the connected account.

These types of issue normally occur during renting. If all this is clear, you will get your movie. You can watch your movie just after your order completes. Click the watch now button and the movie will be started.

Who can rent a movie on amazon prime?

Not everyone has the right to apply for renting a movie on prime. For this, you have to be a member of prime. Prime membership can avail this facility with no additional cost of it. There is also an option of search by voice. If you are a member of prime and you want how do I rent a movie on amazon prime by searching through voice? You have to say the movie name with an additional word of” prime only”.  You will say”fighting move prime only”.

The most interesting thing is that Amazon itself make original movies and upload it on its Prime videos. Sometimes Amazon offers the rental services to non-members of the prime. But there is a limitation of movies for them. They will be bound of amazon offered movies. If someone likes the movie offered by Amazon, just enjoy it on streaming or rent it and watch it later.

Final Thoughts

From this article, you have got the complete information on how to rent a movie by amazon prime. Carefully study it and if you are the resident of the US, as this offers valid to only US residents, you have to take a chance to avail this offer by prime.

If you cannot continue, it is up to you. But for an experience, you have to try it once. Amazon offers interesting things to the customers. Why Amazon make itself weak by providing non-attractive stuff that bores the customers. Of course, it does not suit Amazon. So you, the US residents are lucky to have such an amazing offer.