Nothing remains or stands forever, the most constant thing in this world is change. There was a time no one would have even thought a store that deals only in books (Amazon)  will challenge other companies in the tech world. Amazon has sure surpassed the goals it set itself, a chunk of tech lovers now depend on Amazon’s tech gadgets releases as well as other companies' releases. One such gadget is the Amazon echo series. If you are reading this, the most probable reason behind it is that you have an Amazon echo 2nd generation and you are wondering how to set your Amazon echo 2nd generation up or how to reset amazon echo 2nd generation.
How To Reset Amazon Echo 2nd Generation

1. Background info

Amazon Echo is Amazon’s brand of smart speakers. The speaker comes with Amazon’s famed voice recognition personal assistance that is Alexa. The smart speaker can be interacted with using just your voice without actually physically touching it. Amazon echo offers more than just a way of listening to Music. You can stream songs, use it as an assistant in creating a list of what you want to do,  use voice interaction to activate or control smart devices in your house that Alexa can interact with. The Amazon echo has been in the market for some time now and the newer upgrade of the device has been made;  we will base this article on Amazon echo 2nd generation, smart speakers.

2. Setting up and activating your (2nd gen) amazon echo Speaker

To get your speaker activated, you are to follow the following steps:

Place the smart speaker in the middle of your room and plug it to the nearest power source and power it on. You will be greeted by Alexa which indicates that the Speaker is on

If you have used an Amazon smart device before you would surely have an Alex app or at least an Alexa account. For those that are getting an Amazon device for the first time, you need to download the Alexa app on your phone and sign up on it. You can also visit the desktop version through your PC and create your account.

Next, you have to connect your speaker to your local Wi-Fi. Without connecting to any network connection, the Amazon Echo smart speaker won’t work.

The last thing is to interact with your smart speaker, in other words, Alexa. You can then ask it what it can do and it would go through the list of functions it can perform. Furthermore, it takes some time before you can finally say you have mastered the smart speaker so don’t be surprised if you are stuck on how to get your speaker to perform a specific task. The best you can do is employ the voice recognition interface and use it to your advantage.

It is not required but after setting up your smart speaker, you can choose to connect it to a traditional speaker either so you can enjoy the music you are playing on it or so that you can enjoy the interaction with Alexa. You can also connect your Bluetooth earpiece or headphones to your smart speaker. It has tons of functions.

3. Resetting your smart speaker

There will surely be a time when your smart speaker will encounter an error. It is a computer after all. Resetting an Echo speaker totally depends on the model of smart speaker you have. They include:

Amazon Echo 1st generation;
Amazon echo 2nd generation;
Amazon echo plus 1st and 2nd generation;
Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation;
Amazon Echo Dot 1st and 2nd generation 

And a host of others.

The main difference between all these Models being released by Amazon is majorly defined by the functions that can be performed by the speaker. The difference can also be sported in the sound quality and its acoustics. Thus, when such situations arise, you don't have to be confused about what to do. the way to go about resetting each and every one of them differs and are also pretty simple to do. Below are two effective ways on how to reset amazon echo 2nd generation.

Step 1 – factory reset

The only way to activate the factory reset settings is by holding the factory reset button. The factory reset button for an Amazon echo 2nd generation is the microphone off and volume down button.

To reset, simply press and hold the Microphone Off button together with the Volume down button at the same time. You have to hold on to the buttons for more than 20 seconds. To know when to release the buttons watch out for the light indicator turns orange. As soon as the light ring turns orange, the smart speaker has successfully reset.

You can then proceed to re-activate it for your personal use again or gift either your family members, friends or loved ones. You can also decide to sell it out if you decide you don't need the Echo anymore

Step 2 – using the Alexa app

This is the second way you can reset your Amazon echo speaker. The Alexa app allows you to reset your echo smart speaker regardless of the type or model. As long as you register the echo on your Alexa account you can use it for the reset.

To do this launch the Alexa app and navigate your way to the menu, select the Settings option; your Echo smart speaker would be displayed. Select it and Click the option to deregister it. The reset is instantaneous and. You don’t have to mess with the device itself. You can then decide if you want to set it up again or not.  The perks of having an Echo smart speaker is awesome!