As we all know that Amazon is the largest e-commerce market place. It generates a high revenue as it deals various categories like media, baby products, home appliances, food items, watches, toys and games, garden items, jewelry, scientific supplies, laptops, tablets and phone and much more. Amazon has spread its business almost all over the world. Customers can easily approach Amazon both physically and online for their shopping.

In this modern age, you don’t have to suffer all day in the market for the search of your daily life necessities, you will receive all your products by applying from your bed. As this such big market place has a lead on all other competitors, it has formulated policy for every act on taken on this platform. Like, it has its policy for buying the product, policy for how to return Amazon product and how to change the product, etc.

In this article, we will focus on one of the policies of Amazon that is how to return amazon product. As it is mentioned above, the Amazon deals with a vast variety of products, so it has formulated separate policy for each category. Following is the brief information about the returned product on Amazon in various categories.

Home, Kitchen
Amazon provides you 10 days for replacement or refund of the product you ordered. If the product you received is damaged, or not as you ordered, or of bad quality, it will be replaced or refund in some cases.

But if you consume the product a bit, or if the product you ordered has already a non-refundable label on it, that product cannot be replaced or refunded.

Baby product and Toys
Amazon offers you 10 days for replacement or refund of baby products and toys. If the toys are in the shape of the vehicle, sports or any outdoor toy; such items will not be refundable. You may replace it according to the condition of the toy.

For baby product, the baby shampoo, baby wash, feeder bottles, and soothers are non-returnable.

Electronics, TV, Appliances
Ten days replacement or refund Amazon offers for Air condition, washing machine, air cooler, TV, Microwave, speakers and dishwasher. Similarly, Ten days only replacement Amazon offers a camera, its lenses, projectors, headset. There is no refund on these products.

Computers and Mobiles
Amazon offers ten days replacement only for mobiles, its accessories, tablets, laptops, and other gadgets. If there occurs some issue in mobile, you will contact Amazon and they will detail a technician nearby you to resolve your issue with no cost if it has a warranty card. The mobile accessories like mobile screen protector, glass are non-returnable. The tablets, desktop monitors, memory cards, graphics cards, CPU, TV cards all have 10 days of replacement only. There is no return or refund in these products.

Printer, software, and networking devices have 10 days of replacement or refund.  Most of the software products have a non-returnable label, such products are not eligible to return.

The textbook may be replaced or refund within 10 days on Amazon. The notebook, notepads and other stationery items are normally labeled non-returnable. The used books are refunded within 10 days of issuance.

Videos Games, Movies and Music
All type of music, TV shows, and movies once ordered are non-returnable. However, the musical instruments are replaced within 10 days of shopping. Some musical instruments like Harmonium, mouth organ and wind instrument are non-returnable.

Amazon offers 10 days replacement/refund for video games and its accessories. Some of the games that are labeled non-returnable are not eligible to return.

Sports, Fitness and Outdoors
Amazon offers 10 days for replacement/refund of sports, outdoors and fitness. All the inner apparel, gym supporters, socks and guards are non-returnable. The treadmill, home gym, massage machine, and exercise bikes may only be refunded within 10 days.

Beauty, Health and Groceries
There is a ten days replacement for shaving and removal cream. The beauty items are non-returnable. Similarly, health and personal care have 10 days of replacement/refund policy. If the products related to health and personal care are labeled non-returnable, it will not be returned. There is 10 days replacement for occupational health and safety products, heart rate monitor, health monitor, medical supplies and equipment and wellness appliances. While grocery and gourmet are non-returnable.

Clothing and Accessories
There are a huge 30 days replacement/refund policy for shoes, clothing, and accessories. The specific products like Lingerie, innerwear and the products that are labeled non-returnable are not eligible to return.

Jewelry, watches, and Eyewear
Amazon offers 30 days replacement/refund for the jewelry, fashion, eyewear, and watches.  These products will be replaced if these are returned with the tag intact in the free packaging that is provided at the time of delivery. The non-returnable products in this category are Gold coins, Gold Chips, Gold bars, Silver coin, Silver bar, and silver chips.

Car, Motorbike, and Industrial
Amazon offers replacement/refund for car parts and accessories, bike parts and accessories. Helmet and other protective gear, vehicle. The products labeled as non-returnable are discouraged to return.

Similarly, 10 days replacement/refund for tires and Rims of vehicles. But keep in mind that there is no return facility provided by Amazon, you will personally return the product. Also, 10 days replacement/refund for industrial labs, scientific products, packaging and shipping supplies, industrial power and hand tools.

Steps to return the product on Amazon
Amazon has an option of return of product on its site. You have to follow all the requirements, Amazon asks from you.

Go to Amazon online return center, choose the item you want to return, select how to send your item back, return label that you get on your mail will accompany the item you want to return.

If you follow the steps carefully, the Amazon will accept your request of return and detail a person to collect the item from you. In return, you will get a receipt from the person. Take care of the receipt until the item is replaced or refunded.