There are two companies that are ruling the market. Android and iPhone. Both are so competitive that the users are hardly making the decision which to use for their selves. Both have their amazing services and functions that attract customers. There is a range of models and versions that are too catchy. There are a little bit of differences between the prices of both the devices. iPhone has maintained its standard from the years and is introducing new models day by day. On the other side, Android is also very much fast in introducing such mobiles that can compete with the iPhone. So most of the users of android are experiencing iPhone due to its popularity in performance and by its decent looks. But the android users have a fear of how to send videos from android to iPhonethat is being saved on their Android devices.

There are a number of apps introduced in both devices that have solved this issue. In most of the apps, you can send all types of data from one device to another with the full secure and safe system. So the users have no tension about changing their mobiles as technology has made it possible for them to easily switch from one type of mobile to another type.

In this article, we will discuss that how to send videos from android to iPhone? If you are need of getting such information, bear with this article and you will be able to do an action on this.
There are many ways to send videos from android to iPhone. Some of the best way we will discuss here.

Shareit is the latest app that is able to share your videos and other files including pictures, movies, apps from one mobile to another mobile. It is helpful in such a way that it works offline and there is no need of internet connection while performing an action on it.

Move to iOs
Most of the iPhone users know about this app as this app is the most common in sending data from iPhone to Android. There is no fear of losing data while using Move to iOS. While connecting you will get a ten digit code. This a code that will be entered in the app for connecting it with the iPhone.

If you want to send a large size video, you have an amazing app called iCareFone. It is a secure app and it also allows you to send your videos from android to iPhone fast and safe. You will not be afraid of data losing while using iCareFone.

iTunes also uses for sending videos from android to iPhone but it takes a lot of time and is a complicated service. To use this app, you have first installed it on your computer. After installation, with the help of USB cable, connect your android mobile with the computer and send the videos you want to send to iPhone, to your computer.

Then connect the iPhone with that computer. When you open iTunes on your computer all the stored videos will appear on iTunes, so sync your iPhone with iTunes and you will be able to copy the videos from iTunes to your iPhone.

Google Drive
The most reliable and secure form of sending your videos from android to iPhone is google drive. As you need a Gmail id in android so you can easily upload all your data including videos, audios, text files and much more to google drive. Then come to iPhone, here you open the same Gmail id and you will get access to your google drive. Open it and download your desired and selected videos from there. One more thing about google drive is that you can access all your data uploaded on google drive from everywhere you want.

Fast File Transfer
Fast file transfer is an app that the Android users can easily download it from google play store. It works on connecting your android with wifi. It has the options of exchanging of your data to other mobiles including iPhone. For using it, you will create a local network on it. Then you will search that network on your iPhone. When it is paired with the iPhone, you will then be able to transfer your files both from android to iPhone and from iPhone to Android.

Wondershare MobileTrans
This type of tool will quickly send all your android videos to iPhone as it has a high speed. It is a well-known app that most of the user use it for windows and mac. You can easily send your videos, contact, images, and apps from one phone to another. It is one click app. This app is the universal app for sending all your data from one type of device to any of the other types. From wondershare, you can also backup mobile or computer data which is a very big thing to do and it is reliable to use.

Instashare is an app-friendly to both Android and iPhone. You can download this app on both the devices. You can easily transfer and send the videos of your android mobile to iPhone very easily. It works without any internet connection. You have to open this app in both devices during sending videos or any other files.

It is the app designed to transfer or move videos from your Android to iPhone. It basically works while connecting to Wifi. Both the devices, the Android and iPhone must be connected with the same internet device so that there comes no issue during sending videos. Fee app must be installed on both the devices. Open the app on both mobiles, now open the videos on android you want to share to iPhone. Select the videos and press upload. Feem app will start uploading videos of your android mobile. After uploading you can now see all the videos on your iPhone.