The unending feud that has been brewing between Amazon and Google has affected a lot of people who use products and services provided by these tech giants. It is well over 2 years now since both companies started blocking anything that can link the two of them in any way. I think all these started because Amazon refused to support the sale of Google’s chromecast in the warehouse because they themselves have a product that can do almost exactly what Chrome cast does; as a result of this Google responded in kind by banning Amazon’s TV from accessing some service supported by Google -most worthy of mention is YouTube, the end result is customers of both companies suffering.
How To Stream Amazon Prime To Chromecast
Amazon prime is a very popular subscription service offered by Amazon and the reason is not far fetched. Amazon has since moved on from being an online retailing marketplace into of the few companies that actively contribute to the world’s technology advancement. Amazon prime is most noted for it’s Prime Video streaming service that ranks with the likes of Netflix and Hulu. Amazon Prime offers subscribers the opportunity of watching a large variety of premium movies In HD and 4k viewing, blockbuster movies, Trending TV series,  shows, and lots more; all of which can be accessed via the Amazon prime app. Due to the fact that Streaming services are suddenly becoming preference in the world of entertainment, it comes as no surprise then that the need to be able to watch these streaming services arose; luckily google came to the support first with Chromescast having the feature to support casting from your phone to your TV and subscribers were quick to buy it. The Chromescast as of its release supported Amazon Prime.

All thanks to the feud, it soon because clear that the bitterness between the two tech giants was not ending anytime soon as the latest versions of the Amazon prime app does not come with support for Chromescast. This left prime subscribers with no idea how to stream amazon prime to chromecast and it suddenly became clear that the only way to access the prime streaming service was through the smartphone. Amazon soon came with the solution to this and what we got was Amazon firestick.
What is Amazon firestick?

Amazon firestick is a gadget whose functions is very similar to Google Chromescast. Thus, customer, who are interested in watching the streaming service they subscribed for had to get the firestick. For the few customers who didn’t have Chromescast, it was easier for them to purchase it, but for customers who already own a Chromescast, the reluctance to purchase another gadget that serves the same purpose an even more superior gadget provides could be understood. If you are reading this, then you must be one of those customers who have a Chromescast, note! All is not lost yet, there is still a way of casting Amazon prime on Chromescast as at the time of this write-up.

PC Browser Casting
This is actually the only thing you can do if you have been searching for how to stream amazon prime to chromecast. To do this, you need to have the latest version of Chrome installed on your PC, amazon prime account and subscription if you want to enjoy access to more content, local network connection and the Chromescast device connected to your TV. The following steps will help you cast successfully

1. Access Amazon prime from Google Chrome
The first thing you need to do is log in to your account. After this, you need to select the movie, series, show or program you would like to watch on your TV and play it. Also, plug in your Chromescast device into your TV to prepare it for the casting procedure

2. Cast
As soon as the video starts loading to play,  click the options button on chrome i.e. the famous three dots. Look for the option that says cast then click it. This will immediately open another drop-down dialog box. This dialog box will display all the available nearest devices it can cast to. Your TV should be visible if you have connected your Chromecast device; if you haven’t you should plug it in and wait for your PC to discover it and if you have but it is not been displayed on your PC,  simply re-plugging in the Chromescast device should solve it. Choose your PC to complete the casting in which case your TV icon will turn blue.

It is important to note if you are unable to do this, the only other thing you can do if you really want to watch Amazon Prime on a big screen is by purchasing the Fire TV. However, doing this means you have accepted Amazon’s decision to opt out of Chrome casting.

You can also view amazon prime on your TV by purchasing a Roku streaming box. However, you should note that Roku boxes do not come with amazon prime channel. You have to first install it after purchase before you can access the streaming service.

Amazon prime is the only subscription streaming service that doesn’t support Chromescast anymore. Recent developments suggest that Amazon and Google are close to ending the feud. In fact, Amazon had a press release in which it said work has already started on giving the next versions of Amazon prime app Chromescast support. In addition, Google Chromescast can now be found on the Amazon website but it is still showing “unavailable”. Furthermore, Amazon's music app now offers.
Chromescast support which is a good indicator that we are getting more closer than ever to Amazon prime having Chromescast support without having to go through these stress again. The best thing we can do is hope and pray these claims are true and that they are indeed working to support chromecasting; if not the only reasonable thing might be to subscribe to another streaming service.