Android smartphones are already part of our lives there is no denying that. Every day of our lives has just been integrated with that device. There is even an addiction to Android smartphones, particularly among the youth. There are different reasons why people think about syncing their contacts list. This might be because they have more than one Android device or are about to buy a new smartphone. Buying a new smartphone can be a very daunting experience; imagine being a businessman or woman with more than 500 contacts. How on earth are you going to manually save that number of contacts? Thus the need for another means of moving contacts between two smartphones. 

Google came to the rescue as they always have when Android users are in hot waters. It made it possible to save or migrate all your contacts from your phone’s local storage (the sims) to your google account. This article will show and walk you through the simple method of how to sync contacts on Android. It is important to note that the requirements for these steps include having a google account and data connection.

Things to note before syncing your contact with your Google account

  • There is a limited number of contacts you can sync with your Google account. The number of contacts you can save on your google account is 25,000. To some people, that’s more than they would ever use. For some people, it is small.
  • Also, you have to import your contacts in batches of 3000 if you have a large contact list. Google does not allow more than this at a time
  • With your contacts stored on your google account, you can save certain locations on your smartphones’ google map. You can also automatically locate your friend with their contact. All you need to do is to search for their name in the search bar and Google will do the rest.
  • Exporting your contacts with your google accounts helps you complete the contacts information of a person. What I mean is, on your contact list, Google will automatically detect contacts that have Google+ account. With this, you now have access to their email address which you can contact them from. You can also merge this information with the contacts you exported so that when you finally import to your phone, you would have offline access to the information.
Steps to sync your account

  1. Create or Log in to your google account
This is the first and foremost thing you need to do. There are cases of people with multiple Gmail accounts on their smartphones. It might not necessarily mean that you have more than one account. I myself have two google accounts on my phone. One is mine the other I created for my kid sister. So, you need to ensure that your account is logged in and is the active account when you tap the Google account app icon.

  1. Export
By doing this, you would now have the power to sync your contacts list with another android device. There are a number of steps you must take in order to export your contact list to your Google account:

· Proceed to open the contacts app on your android smartphone. You need to navigate your way to the menu overflow dialog box.

·  To do this, you need to tap the famous three dot that will be located on any corner of your phone’s screen. I used any because mine is at the bottom left corner as opposed to the usual upper corner position of the three dots.

Note: There are some models that have three horizontal lines instead of dots. So if your phone falls under these categories, you have no need to panic

·  Now you will see a number of options like delete contact, share contacts, merge all repeat contacts, import/export, etc. You are concerned with syncing your contacts list, so you should tap the import or export option.

·  Once you do the above, you would be presented with a list of places you want to copy your contacts from. It would definitely contain all locations that you have saved contact on at one point or the other. In my opinion and to be on the safer side, you should painstakingly go through the process of selecting each location one by one. Then save it on your Gmail account by selecting the email address you want to save it on. Doing this would ensure you do not leave any contact behind for whatever reason.

  1. Import
This step only works when you have followed the steps provided above in exporting your contact list. Once you have your contacts saved on your google account, you are about 60% done with the syncing. Now, on the phone you want to sync your contact with, you need to:

·   Go to the contacts by selecting it from the apps menu on your phone.

·  Follow the same procedure as before by navigating to the menu dialog box. Skim the options until you see the imports or exports option. Tap on it.

· Now is the simple part, select the Google account you have exported all your contacts on. It would take you to another page; here you only need to select your phone as the recipient, not another google account.

·  Select “import contact file” or “Next”; totally depends on the phone model. Wait for the importing process to complete and you are done.

Once you do this, you have successfully synced your contacts with your Google account. In addition, you do not need to repeat this process again as all new contacts you add will be automatically added to the google account.