We are human beings, after all, there are always going to be times when you just won’t be opportune to attend to your phone. This could be because you are very busy, driving or what have you. No answering someone’s call or messages might lead to the other person seeing you as arrogant, nonchalant, etc. the best we can do in this case is used text auto reply android apps on your phone so that you can automatically reply any message or notification and start being seen as someone who really cares.

Importance of using the Auto reply

  • Using autoresponder for your email or business email address increases your credibility. Before you activate the auto responder for your email, it is important you note this;
You need to make sure your auto-reply message captures your audience. Auto responder emails are known for bringing hogwash! You need to make sure the message in the auto reply make sense.

  • Using auto responder for your phone is also important. There are a lot of people who can very easily jump to conclusions because you were too busy to touch your phone. Having an auto reply app send them a message you have drafted beforehand shows you care and that you are just very busy.
There are a lot of apps on the google play store that can serve as auto reply apps. Many of them offer value for money while some do not. This article focuses on five (5) apps that can do this without glitch thanks to good online reviews and they would be discussed below:

  1. Away
Away is one of the major apps for replying to notifications from social media apps. Like any app that is discussed on this list, Away has its own unique features. In my Opinion, Away tends more to a WhatsApp variant to an auto-reply app. With the Away app, you can store the WhatsApp status of some individuals without having to use screenshot again. In addition, Away allows you to do so amazing configurations compared to the other app who sport normal configurations, You can use Away for apps including Facebook, Messenger, Telegram, Instagram, etc. Furthermore, you can schedule when you want the app to activate itself and when to turn itself off

  1. Email Responder
Almost all email clients have their own inbuilt mail responder. Gmail and outlook, for example, have such inbuilt responder. Google is not much of a third party app supported so it is then only logical to see why Google's Gmail accounts had such a feature. With this inbuilt responder, you can set up your auto responder before going offline as you propose to.

In Gmail, you can activate this feature by tapping the settings option in the Gmail app. Next, you need to select the account you want to activate the Email auto responder for. Then, scroll and look for the option that says “Vacation responder”. Note: The option “Vacation responder” might not be the same in all part of the world. As long as you find something related to auto reply, please tap it. Once you are through with that, you can then set the time limit (duration) and the draft of the message you want other recipients to get if they contact you. Save the auto reply message and you are done.

  1. Auto SMS
This auto reply android app makes this list even more interesting. With Auto SMS installed on your phone, you do not have to worry about missing a phone call that might be important. Auto SMS is made to reply to both text messages and phone calls (missed calls). As long as you have a contact on the list you saved on the Auto SMS app, you can rest assured that Auto SMS would deliver. In addition, you can also schedule on and off Auto SMS for the period of time you would be busy. Auto SMS can be downloaded on Google play store. The Auto SMS pro is a paid app.

  1. TextAssured
The TextAssured app can be downloaded via the google play store. It is free to download but has in-app purchases you can buy. In other words, there is a premium subscription plan for TextAssured albeit not compulsory. TextAssured is an impressive, simply designed app for setting auto replies to messages and notifications. It integrates itself like the text message app on the android. It can a few but crucial things. In fact, it is perhaps the only app on this list with the smallest features but it overly simple interface make it more fun to use. In addition, it allows your automatic reply to contain attached files if you set it to do this. Lastly, this was one of the main reason why TextAssured made this list, it has the ability to turn itself on at specific locations without you having to activate it. You can also schedule it like the “Do Not Disturb” on your smartphone i.e. for a period of time.

  1. IM Auto reply
This is a text auto reply android app made especially for social media apps. The app just like Away is an instant messaging app. It allows you to create auto reply messages for most of the Social media app including Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc. You can activate IM Auto reply for your instant messaging apps as well as the phone as a whole IM Auto reply app is available on the Google Play store for free. It does not have a premium subscription.