Ever happened that you are waiting for your reply for a quite long time and after that you got to know that unfortunately  and then comes the fight and stuff like this.  Yeah, it’s not usual but it does happen in once with everyone but here are the few things you can check the solve this issue.

Things to Make Sure

You should make sure the following things before stepping forward to find the solution to solve this error, you need to check these things out.

·  Check Blacklist

It happens when you get angry on someone and ends up blocking them for a while but later you forget to unblock them and it comes with this issue. You need to make sure that person you are trying to send text is not in your black or block list. Beside this there are some parental control on phones too so if your contact is not added in that list you won’t be able to make a text or call them.

·  Check Your Signals

When we travel off roads,, it happens that we loose our signals there due to lack of network coverage so there comes the issue so before calming that your phone got some issue you should check your signal bars on the top to make sure that you have enough signals to make a call or text message.

·   Balance in your account

If you are using prepaid account from your network provider, you need to check out your remaining balance in your account to see if you can make a text or not. If this balance or credit is not enough then you need to recharge your phone’s account first before making a text.

·   Phone Storage

Make sure you have enough phone storage on your device. To make a call or text you need by default 15% free space on your phone and if you are running out of memory then you do need to make some space for these apps to work properly otherwise your whole system will collapse. So, to do that either you need to make space by deleting some of your apps or your videos from the gallery or you an buy a SD card and put it in to transfer data from your phone to the card the card to make it work properly.

Fixing the Issue 

If you have checked everything on the above list and still you are facing the issue then you need to take some steps to solve this out and this may take some time. Here are the things you can try to make it work for you:

·   Restart

You can soft reset your phone to make it better. Soft reset means restarting your phone which deletes all the memory stores on your Ram and make it fresh. So, restarting or rebooting your phone will work properly for you because it gives a nice space to the phone to restart all the apps and android data to make the things work properly for you. This is a great chance that your phone will work by this way. In case it wasn’t receiving signals or something else, it will start doing so.

·  Clearing Cache

You can clear cache or so-called temporary data of the specific application to make it work properly. To do so you need to visit your phone settings and then go to App manager in your settings and press clear cache button to remove everything from it and give it a nice refresh.

·  Force Stop

If clearing Cache did not work for you then you need to go to your settings again to make your application stop working forcefully and you can do so in 3 simple steps. Just go to your settings in the phone and visit your app manager in your phone as we did in the previous step and in here press a different button to make it stop forcefully. The app will start in a while and it will work for you probably.

·  Resetting your Phone

If you are disappointed from all of the above things you can try some new ways to make things work for you. You can just give a nice reset to your phone and but keep the things in your mind. You can reset your phone to complete factory settings so it’ll remove any issue on the software or the phone but before updating It is highly recommended to make back up of your important data because once you have factory reset your phone, you will lose your whole data on the phone’s memory so either make a backup of it on your memory card or make a backup on you laptop or use any cloud server. So, this will work nicely for you.

·  Uninstalling other messaging Application

Every phone comes with the nice default messaging app but sometimes we install some other apps for our fantasy which usually creates problems. So, to get rid of this issue we need to uninstall those unwanted messaging apps and we should select our default messaging app instead of those apps having bugs. This will improve your messaging experience.

·  Check pending Updates

Android versions are updated regularly by the company and its up to us how frequently we wish to update our phone. We can set this by visiting our phone’s setting and in there going to software update. So, to keep our apps working we need to keep our phone up to date so that everything stays good with the update.

These are some methods that would help you to get rid of this problem once you give them a try and you don’t need to cry over them again and again but if you still failed to make your things work then there is something to worry about because now you need to see your service provider or someone else to seek help from them so that they can solve your issue.