Over the last two decades, Google has blessed us with multiple services and apps that have made all of our lives much easier. Google maps was first launched in 2008 as a mapping service and since then it has been upgraded and studded with several new and beneficial features. Google maps is by far the most popular mapping service used for personal purposes, especially on smartphones. The Google mobile app was released in 2012 and within two days, it had over ten million downloads. These days google maps comes with the Google suite along with google drive, Google Photos, Google docs etc. Google maps offers a lot of features to users such as satellite imagery, street views, route planning for travelling, aerial photography and so on. You probably know of this much, well what if I told you that there are at least eight features on google maps that you had no idea of? You don’t believe me? Well, here we go:

1. Directions

This you all know but you probably are not maximizing. Google maps provides you with directions to places you haven’t been before or routes that confuse you. It helps you get to your desired locations even giving landmarks such as buildings, stores, fuel stations and so on to guide your movement into and out of unknown regions. The map can also supply information on bus stops and train stations, so you really don’t have a need to stop passersby’s to ask for the nearest train station, google maps got you.

2. Compare Prices of cabs

With the recent upgrades, Google has added features to help you compare prices of various cab-providing companies in a region so you can choose the most cost-effective one you can compare the price of Uber, Taxify, and Ola. Once you have chosen your desired cab service provider, you can tap on the app to hire it or get directions to it. No longer do you have to be extorted by taxi drivers when you go to a new area.

3. Topographic Maps

You can easily view details of the landscape using topographic maps google earth. Just simply launch google maps app on your phone, enter the area you which to search or just track it down yourself, then using a series of multi-touch gestures, like pinching to zoom and spinning, adjust the map to the best view for you and continue to zoom in till you can see them as much detail as possible. You can scout mountains and deltas and discern them landscape and terrain using topographic maps google earth.

4. Track traffic in your area

Another time saving feature on google maps is the ability to track traffic both current and predict future traffic patterns, with this you can easily plan your trips to be more efficient and choose the best travelling route. Save the hassle of getting stuck in traffic on your way to and from work, meetings and other outings by planning your route ahead, taking advantage of google maps traffic tracking feature.

5. Take a peek inside

Google maps usually, feature pictures of popular and public places so you can take a peek at where you are going, so can’t possibly miss it while driving by, it gets even better, with google street view, you can access at the moment 360 degrees view of certain public places such as airports and train stations. So you have a basic idea of where you are headed before you get there. You no longer have to mistake terminals at the airport.

6. Get Departure times for trains and buses

You can also track bus and train departure time on google maps, incredible, isn’t it? You can decide if having or skipping breakfast to meet that 8 a.m. train is really worth it, your morning activities can be tweaked once you can track the departure time, you won’t have to spend extra minutes waiting for the bus or train or miss your bus by breath. You can access this particular feature by tapping on directions and clicking transit under it, you will get real-time departure times for the train station or bus when it is available.

7. Use Maps without the internet

Let’s face it, the fact is that most regions or areas where you most desperately need a map. Especially one as precise as google maps, you usually can’t find network receptions, talk less of Wi-Fi signal. Mountain ranges, forests and other areas far from the population. But if only you knew that you could save map pages on google maps app for offline use. I told you it was incredible. You can enable this feature by using google assistant command “okay maps” and the current map page on your screen would be stored and you can access this without the internet.

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