Android smartphones have become part of our lives at one point or the other. Even iOS device users have been proud owners of an Android smartphone at some point in time. Because of this, there are times when the need to transfer files arises. In these situations, it can be really annoying if you do not know the easiest ways to do it. In addition, nothing is more frustrating than buying a new Android smartphone and realizing you have no idea how to transfer Android to Android data. If you are one such person, continue reading this article as it would provide you easy and different ways on how to transfer files and data from one android to another android without breaking a sweat.
  1. Google Drive (Full android data transfer)
There is almost nothing you need or want that Google does not have a product for. Simply put, Google enriches our lives; makes us live more comfortable. Google has a provision to make switching from one device to another easily without stress. It’s not news again that the old version of Android smartphone was terribly lacking when it comes to internal storage. Thus, if you want to use this method, it is most likely because you just got a bigger and better android phone.

It is important you know that this method will save everything from all your apps (installed and uninstalled ones), Contacts and call history, photos, and videos, etc. In fact, it would back up your whole device including saved passwords on your browsers and social media accounts, your calendar event entries, text messages, etc.

The following steps you must follow in other to transfer your old phone data to the new one.

·  First, you need an internet connection for this to work. Then you need to sign into your google account on the phone you want to make the transfer from. Once you are done with that, you can now start the process.

·  Go to the settings o your android device and look for the option that says Backup & Reset. You can easily get there by using the search option in the settings menu. The location varies; on my smartphone, it is the last option under the Personal tab.

·  Next, you need to toggle on the backup data option. Then you need to add the google account you want the files and data to be saved. It is then after this, you can proceed to “back up your data”.

·  On the phone you want to use the data, you will have to sign in to the google account. You need to use the “Drive app” on your apps menu. Once you sign in, access the menu which can be done by swiping from left to right on your screen. You can also do this by tapping the three horizontal lines.

·  Close to the end of the options on the menu overflow bar, you would see Backups. Click this and a list of backups will be shown. Your android phone’s full data backup will be shown separated from other standalone backups you have made before (backups of your WhatsApp, text messages, etc.)

  1. Third-party applications
Third-party applications are apps you can download on your android phone from the google play store. They are licensed by Google and you need not worry about being hacked or privacy intrusion. If you are using this step, it means you do not care about doing a full android phone data transfer. Instead, you are more interested in transferring only the important data or files from one android device to the other.

These third-party applications provide lightning speed transfer over a wireless connection. It is important to note that they do not require an internet connection to work. Examples of these third-party applications are Xender, Flashshare, Shareit and lots more. Please note, these third-party applications can only send applications (apps), videos or movies, music files, ebooks, and any file on the file manager.                                                                             
  1. Computer software
This is our third and final method of transferring files and data from your one android to another android device. Whether you are planning on doing a full android data transfer or just to transfer some specific things, this software WILL always allow you to transfer only what you wish to transfer. Hence, you need to be sure you want to use this method. There is a lot of software that can do this on the internet but this article will focus on just one – Wondershare’s dr. fone.

This software can be downloaded from their official website and also from external sources. You can then follow these steps to transfer your smartphone’s data:

· Download and install the software on the computer you want to use. When the installation is complete, open the program. A window will appear and will have different options for you. Some of these options include Repair (repair android errors), Erase (erase all the data on your phone), Restore (every data you already backed up on the computer), Switch (copy data from one phone to another), etc. Since you want to move your data between two phones, you need to select the “switch option”.

· Next, using USB cables, you need to connect the two Android phones in question to your computer. Wait for a few minutes for the program to detect the two phones.

· Once the two android phones are displayed as connected, you can then select the things you want to transfer – contacts, text messages, apps, etc. Once you have checked what you want to transfer, you can then start the transfer.

It’s very fast and within minutes you can transfer big filesm (over 1 GB) without any problem.