iPhone users normally don’t want to change their company.  As the iPhone has made a standard throughout the years because the one time user of iPhone becomes the full-time user as he impresses from iPhone functions and its quality operations. The users that use the iPhone mostly change their mobiles if there comes a new model on the iPhone. So they change only the model not the company. There is a major difference in cost between the iPhone and other mobiles. The iPhone is very costly than others but still, most of the people have iPhone mobiles.

Due to the long term business of iPhone, the android companies have also introduced some of the amazing mobiles that the users are much impressed by their features. The users of android have reviews that the android mobiles are very friendly. They are very easy to use. As you can see, every age of people has an android mobile in their hands. This is because of its easy functions and a lot of other services. Now, due to such great competition in both the mobiles, some of the users converted to android while some to iPhone. But the conversion of iPhone users to Android is quite amazing as they have a unique taste and they will never let it go.

This is a great achievement for android that the iPhone users are converting to Android users. If someone from iPhone wants to change to android, he will be afraid of losing his all data, apps, photo videos and much more. But fortunately, there are many ways of transferring your data from iPhone to Android.

Changes in mobiles are very necessary. Due to this, you will be able to see new things in hand. You have to be familiar with all the things related to technology. Because in our surroundings, everyone wants to be updated. So if you are in a place where this topic takes place, you have words for taking part in that discussion. You will gain from others and for others, you will be a sourceof gaining information. This article is all about how to transfer apps from iPhone to android? If you are interested to get some information regarding this. So, be with us and engage yourself in reading this article to the end.

Transferring of Data from iPhone to Android

There are many ways of transferring data from iPhone to Android, we will discuss some of them for your information.

Google Drive

You may have heard about the google drive. It is a very outstanding service Google provides to whose who has a Gmail account. If you haven’t a Gmail ID, make it as it requires a few minutes to make. Then install google drive on your iPhone and upload all your data to the drive. Then you open the google drive in your android mobile with all same ID and password.

After signing in to your account, download all the data from drive to android mobile within a short time. Hence, you get all your data safe and secure from one device to another. The google drive has many features including its 15GB space to every account holder which is more than enough for saving your data on it. Google drive is very secure and safe for all type of data. There is no fear of any type of malware. You can also search easily in google drive. You can find your specific data by searching for it. You will get your desired data within no time. You can upload various types of data to your google drives like MS office files, Adobe files, images, photos, videos, apps, and software.


Shareit is another transferring platform. You can easily transfer any type of data including MS office files, Adobe files, images, photos, videos, apps, and software. The major advantages of shareit is; it has a fast speed and it can be used offline.

Samsung smart switch

This is also a data transferring app used by androids for transferring everything from one device to another. It can transfer data from iPhone to Android. it has a disadvantage of having a free space of 500MB on both the devices.


This is the latest app that is used for transferring data from one device to another. It is very helpful in transferring apps from iPhone to Android. The Drop Box is actually a cloud storage device. You can store any type of data on it and then you can easily use that data on another device everywhere. The Drop Box is a free app and also provides you 2GB storage. You can use this app for all type of data storage and sharing with other members.

How to transfer apps from iPhone to Android

 After studying the above ways, almost all the ways will support you in transferring apps from iPhone to Android. But the best way is to use the Samsung smart switch, which has a large capacity and also have a variety of options for transferring data from one device to another.
You can transfer your apps from iPhone to Android and all your records will be secure because if there is any kind of issue, it will not be so much popular. Because in this modern technology, If a service fails to convince the users, it has a very short life. A new version replaces it. So all the ways are trusted and you may go for it for your support.

The verdict
If the above article has guided you enough. You have to take a step for changing your taste. You should be flexible by using various types of mobile devices as it is a technology world, if there comes something new and unique, the market will be full of the new things and all other will be considered as zero and old. So be with the time and enjoy your life by changing the taste.