Android has in the recent past penetrated deeply into the global stage. Its world share of the mobile space is a staggering and bossy figure. With the increase in the number of people owning phones, the ownership of android related products is also a staggeringly huge number. Android, developed by Google is an operating system designed for mobile phones. It's creation based on a kernel version modification and the inclusion of other software. Android is basically designed for smartphones and tablets. Android wrist watches have also been created. 
Android Auto Read Text Messages
Android user-friendly nature has not only facilitated people’s life but it has also made life easier. Android keeps rolling out new products to help out people. The recent development is the creation of the android auto read text messages enabled devices. Android auto read text messages are designed majorly to help you navigate traffic, weather effects calls and even messaging. Android auto read text messages feature is easy and uncomplicated to use. I will focus on android auto for cars.

Heavy reliance on voice

Android auto reliance on voice for performance is undoubted. The interface is commanded through voice in order to minimize distractions. If you have a message to text then you will voice it out. If a new message pops in then Android auto will read it out for you.

A screen keyboard exists that allows you to use when the car is immobile but beyond that when the car is moving it vanishes and you can’t locate the option for the keyboard. This feature helps drivers to put the address in the system of the car.

Car builders

It is important to note that not all the manufacturers of cars are aligned to this feature of Android. Android’s creation of the Open Automotive Alliance was aimed at the use of Android in automobiles. You will have to do a thorough search to know if your car is subscribed to the Open Automotive Alliance. Toyota and Mercedes are not a member of this feature. However, there could be changes in the future. With that in mind, your car will dictate whether you will install the android auto text in your car.

No need for new car acquisition

Are you wondering whether you will need to acquire a new car for this service? Right? well, then you are wrong. Google doesn’t expect you to buy a new car in order to have the Android auto. The Open Automotive Alliance has attracted brands such as Kenwood and Pioneer. This brand will save you the hustle of going about the whole process of installing the Android auto in your car.

You will be required to upgrade your cars’ stem in the dashboard to align with this feature provided by these brands. The only thing you might have to consider is the costs that come with the labor of installation. However, the targeted goal is accomplished and it is worth the process.


Android is entirely a Google product. One thing with Google is the never-ending pop-ups some in the form of adverts or just information providence. Are you sometimes bored with these pop-ups? But no need to worry as the pop-ups aren’t much and Google might not show you irrelevant information that you don’t require.

However, Google might give you additional information in relation to your geographical locations. An instance is when you are on your way to a hospital. Useful information may pop up. Weather notifications may also pop up if you are visiting a new place.

Messaging apps

Not all the applications for messaging are available for Android auto. Google messages are one of the messaging applications that can be used with Android auto. Google play store gives all the list that supports Android auto. Developers are currently updating their software to be in line.

No phone use while plugged in

Your device cannot operate while it is plugged in. The aim of the Android auto is to provide services while you are driving. Besides that, you don’t need to use your phone as you drive. The worrying thing about phone ownership is the rise in the cases of obsession. You don’t have to use your phone as Android auto will do that for you with a voice message.

Google approval of new applications

Google’s Android auto text is majorly for messaging and music. With time new applications will be rolled out into its platform. Google will, however, have to approve them for safety and standardization purposes. Vetting is done as development we limited to specific Artificial Phase Interface. A manual test is done before rolling them out.

No risk of losing your data

The other feature with Android auto is that there are no risks associated with your data. All information from music to messages and your locations drive stays within your phone. There is no risk of your data being stored in the system receiver of your car. Your phone, however, has to be up to date with Android auto.

Another great feature with Android auto is that it doesn’t control the other functions in the car. For example, your radio and you can continue to listen to your shows. It doesn’t also control the air conditioning.

It is also important to note that you need to have an Android phone version of 5.0 0r higher. Android auto does not support service such as Bluetooth. WIFI compatibility might be available soon. Some android phones don’t work with Android auto yet.

Android Auto is here to stay with us. It is helping us while we drive as we cannot multitask. Multitasking while driving may lead to accidents or slow you from your journey. Android auto for you!