Our phones are becoming our information storehouses. They contain all our important contact, messages, emails, and photos. Losing these would be devastating for everyone. Thus it is important that everyone stores a backup of this information in their personal computers.
How To Backup And Restore The Android Phone To PC      
There are many situations in which a backup is useful:
  • You might lose your phone or your phone might get damaged beyond repair
  • You might want to factory reset your phone without losing your personal data
  • You might purchase a new mobile device and might need to transfer all your personal data into the new gadget
  • You might want to save a copy of your personal data before giving your old phone away
Android phones account for a whopping 74.15% of all mobile devices. It is the most common operating system and every year more and more people join android. Thus many developers have invested money and developed tools to help you backup your data.
Here is a list of programs that help you backup your phone along with how to backup and restore with them.

Android Backup Restore

The first step is downloading and installing this program into your PC. Once this is done start the app and then plug in your phone. On the left side of the user interface, you must be able to see an icon that has "Android Backup & Restore" written on it. You should now see a screen with options like "Device Data Backup" or "One-click Backup", click on one of them. You will now be able to see a screen that shows the various data types available like contacts, photos and call logs. Choose the items that you need to back up. You can also encrypt your backed up data. Click the start button and the software will begin its copying process. Ensure that your mobile is connected to the PC securely for the entire duration or else your backup might get corrupted or stopped. The backup copy will get safely stored in your PC after a successful backup.

The advantages of using Android Backup Restore are that it allows for partial restoring of your data, lets you preview the documents in the backup and is able to restore your backup to your old device or a completely new device. To restore your data, first, plug in your phone using a USB cable and launch the program. Select the "Backup & Restore" option on the left side of the program's interface. Now choose "Device Data Backup" or "One-click Backup" and the program will display the backup copies available on your PC. Choose the backup you need and click start. You will now be shown the entire list of files available in the backup, you can now choose which files you need to be backup. Click on the restore button to transfer all this data to your phone. The only drawback of this application is that it is not free.


This is an application that is more famous for its ability to transfer your files to another phone, but it does have a backup option too. The first step is to download and install WonderShareMobileTrans software on your PC. Launch the application and click on the "Back Up Your Phone" option. Now connect your phone to the PC using an appropriate cable. Once connected the application should display your phone along with the various types of data. Select the categories you want to be backed up and then select "Start Transfer". Once the backup is done you can verify all your files. If you want to restore data back to your phone just connect your phone and click on the "Restore From Backups" option. This software is free.


ApowerManager is an expert in the field of managing phone data. It can allow you to seamlessly transfer data between your phone and computer and it allows you to backup and restores your data too. Unlike most backup managers, ApowerManageris able to back up your application data too. This ensures that the entirety of the data on your phone is saved securely.

In order to start backing up your phone, you need to download and install ApowerManager. Launch the application connect your phone to it using either a USB cable or by Wifi. Now selects the "Tools" option and then click "Backup & Restore". Now you should choose the "Full Backup" option. You will now be able to choose where you want the backup file to be stored, once this is done click on "Backup" and the software will start copying your files. Restoring is a similar process, you connect your phone to the app and instead of choosing the "Full Backup" option in the tools menu, choose "Full Restore". ApowerManager does not charge any money.


There are applications like Easy Backup & Restore that also could backup your data. Google allows all android users to backup their data to the cloud.

The cable matters

Ensure that you are using the official cable that came with your phone to connect your device with your computer. Most third party cables have only charging capabilities and cannot transfer data. Your PC will not be able to recognize your phone and thus you won't be able to back it up.

Your information is one of your most valuable possessions. May it be the cherished photos that are close to your hearts or important business contacts, it is essential that you don't lose them. Backing up your phone to your PC frequently would mean you are always protected from possible calamities that might strike your phone. Understanding your backing up needs and how much money you are willing to spend will help you choose a suitable app.