Android has been the phenomenon that's been sweeping the world for the past decade. It has been constant growth in Android users over the years. As of now, there are over 2.3 billion Android devices and this number is just gonna grow. This number creates a huge market that many companies are tapping into. Every company wants an app that helps it connect with its customers. Android apps also provide a platform for advertisements. Many companies pay apps to display ads. These have ads have become a major source of revenue for many developers.
Best Android Developer Tools You Need
With Android being as big as it is, there is a constant need for developers to create new and innovative apps. Android provides endless opportunities for its developers. Thus it is time you start developing apps to tap into this potential. Gone are the times when the only way you develop an application is by starting from scratch. With technology evolving constantly, there are now tools that help you create applications for android efficiently in a short time. Below are the best android developer tools you need to develop an application.

Android Studio

This is the official Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing apps meant for android. This is the go-to choice for many developers as it has many advanced features while also being able to basic apps without. Android studio is able to support C++, java and Kotlin languages, making it extremely attractive advanced developers. It has many many features such as a Flexible build system, Visual layout editor, APK Analyzer, and Intelligent code editor. This is the IDE that gets updated first, and thus it is the best way to develop apps for the latest android version.

You can download Android SDK if you want additional tools. It consists of many modular packages that help you program advanced applications. Android Studio also provides real-time statistics of your memory and network usage.` While learning and developing with Java and Android SDK include a steep learning curve, Android studio is unparalleled in the features it offers, the level of support it provides and the ease of integration. 

Visual Studio With Xamarin

Visual Studio is an IDE that supports the development of applications in many languages including JavaScript and C# . This is the IDE developed by Microsoft. Xamarin, which now comes along with the package, can easily create cross-platform applications and you will also be able to test them on multiple devices through the cloud. It is especially useful if you need your phone to support multiple platforms like iOS and Android, without the hassle of writing your code twice. While it does have many outstanding features, you end up losing some google's support and features that are offered by Android Studio.

Unreal Engine

Unreal is a gaming engine that allows the development of cross-platform and fully featured games. It is an open-source software and provides superior graphics compared to other gaming engines. It offers multiple features like Photoreal Rendering in Real-Time, Full C++ Support, Built for VR, AR and XR, a good Multiplayer Framework, VFX & Particle Systems, Quality Post-Process Effects, Extensive Animation Tools, etc. Unreal also provides easy support for android apps.

Unity 3D

This is a viable alternative to the Unreal Engine for developing games. It is also a cross-platform game development tool that is very easy to learn and has many features for the development of android apps. Unity is more suited to develop 2D games that Unreal, while also being able to develop applications for VR. It also has features that make debugging apps much easier. While you can develop apps using Android Studio, these game engines have many features that will help you save time and headaches.

GameMaker: Studio

GameMaker: Studio is another game development tool. It is designed for 2D games and is much easier to use than Unity or Unreal. You can program apps without typing much code, even if you do have to type code, the language is very beginner-friendly.


 Basic4android or B4A is software developed by Anywhere Software. While it is not free, it does have features that are primarily focused on rapidly developing apps. You will be able to quickly apps in a short span of time. The programming language is simple and procedural, thus enabling amateur developers to develop apps without much hassle. While not many resources have been spent in developing this tool, it packs in many advanced features like a visual editor that makes managing views much easier and even allows debugging over Bluetooth.


PhoneGap is an IDE that allows the development of cross-platform mobile apps. You will be able to run your application in iOS, Windows phone, and Android from just one code. It also allows for quick debugging and enables you to update your application more often. It is especially convenient to build simple apps as it features save a lot of your time.


AIDE is an IDE that enables you to develop Android apps on your mobile phone. It has many guided tutorials that teach you how to use the application. It has many tools and libraries that are appealing to advanced developers. It is also able to support a variety of languages like Java, CSS, HTML5, etc.

The demand for android developers is constantly growing. Being able to come up with interesting and innovative apps is a skill that the phone world now demands. It is up to you to grab the opportunity. The best android developer tools have been listed above. Know what app you need to develop and choose the tool you need appropriately. Using the right tool will save you a lot of time and also enable you to serve your clients better. Taking some time to completely understand the tool you are using will enable you to develop apps with advanced features.