If you have ever used the internet in your life you probably know what Facebook is. And if you’re aged between 55 and 20 you most certainly have a Facebook profile.

Mark Zuckerberg’s project has reached unimaginable levels of fame and users in the 21st century, there are very few people in developed countries that have never heard about Facebook.
Facebook Page App Android
I mean, it is quite a great platform, isn’t it? You can reconnect with people who you totally forgot existed, you can upload your photos and share them (and be reminded of how awful you looked ten years later), you can tell people where you are, you can share memes (honestly best part of Facebook), and you can poke people (even though literally no one knows what that is for).
Facebook has definitely earned a special place in the hearts of the millennial generation. Not only by being a great platform and constantly updating the main app, but also by giving us other great apps that complement it, such as Facebook lite, Messenger, and Facebook Pages Manager.

If you were ever a teenager with a Facebook page, or more importantly if you are a social media manager for a company then you know how hard it is to manage Facebook pages when you are not sitting down in your computer. Sometimes it is necessary to do quick updates when you’re nowhere near it, though. And the Facebook mobile app just wasn’t as effective. This is why Facebook brought us the Pages Manager app.
1. What is it?

The Facebook page app, which was originally released only for iPhones in 2012, is specially designed for page administrators. It seeks to make their life easier, and help them manage their pages as easily as possible. Even though the Facebook app has always had the ability to manage Facebook pages, you can’t access all the features from your mobile app, and there are many bugs to it when it comes to posting content.

The Pages Manager is quite similar to the normal Facebook app but has features that are more focused towards updating and managing pages.

Even when the app was initially only released for iOS users, one year after its release Facebook silently launched it into the Play Store, making the Facebook page app Android available.

2.How to install it

Facebook Pages Manager app is just like any other app. To get the Facebook page app Android phones only have to go into the Play store and enter “Page Manager” or “Facebook Page Manager” into the search engine. The app should be the first one to pop up, the icon is just like the one Facebook has for pages on its website: an orange flag. You click in it, and then you press the button that says “Install”, this will begin the download into your phone.  If you have an iPhone, do the same but with the App store.

3.How to sign in

Once you have downloaded the app and open it, you have two possible scenarios. If you already have a Facebook account linked to your cellphone, then the app will immediately identify it and show a blue button that reads “Continue as [You user name in Facebook]”, if it is you and you wish to continue with that account, press it, if not, click the button that says, “Not You?”.

If you don’t have a Facebook account linked to your phone you’ll have to log in manually, same as if you don’t want to continue with the one automatically provided.

If you do not have a Facebook account, you have to create it elsewhere (website or app), then create your page, and then log into the Pages Manager.

4.How to use it (roughly)

Once you log in you’ll get an interface of your page that is rather similar to the one of the Facebook app. Under the Profile and Cover photo of your page, there are four icons: Post, Photo, Event and Promote.

To make a Post, you press the “Post” icon. This will take you to a post writer where you can write, add photos, add a location or feeling, or go live.

If you click the “Photo” icon you’ll be able to upload a photo or more from your Gallery.

To create the events, press on the “Event” icon that looks like a little calendar, once you’ve entered all the details of the event, you have to press create at the right top corner (if you don’t want to create the event anymore, just press your phones backward button). Finally, you can hit the “Promote” button to boost your posts, followers, viewers, or likes. Basically, to build your audience.

In the same main page, you have three lines in the top left corner. From that menu, you can either create a new page, go to another one of your pages, manage your ads, and access all the apps setting and help.

Play around with the app a little, see what it can do. It is fairly easy to use, to be honest.

5.Why you should download this app

First of all, especially when it comes to the internet you can’t just upload content on office hours. You have to be engaged with your page if you want it to gain followers and have an engaged public. If you use your page as a way of marketing, it is also quite important, since updating news about your brand or disclaimers can come up as an emergency. The Facebook Pages Manager will ensure you have no problem managing your page. It has everything you need and is specially designed so that you won’t have bugs or problems when uploading stuff. You can also manage publicity and followers from your own phone. Also, it’s free, so why not just download it and give it a try. See if it really makes any difference.

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