We all love reading, or at least we all have to read quite a lot in our lifetimes. Whether it is for school, work or pleasure, books will always be a part of our lives. However, in the era of the internet and global warming, nobody really has time for paper. Although the majority of people tend to prefer physic books, we all know that we have to take a leap of faith and start reading those e-books.
Can You Read Nook Books On Android
1.    What are e-books?

An e-book is the electronic version of a printed book. It can be read on a computer or handheld device (such as a tablet or phone) and is designed specifically for this purpose. E-books are great, you can carry a lot of books around without killing your back and they tend to be a lot cheaper than usual books. It’s honestly a good combination, especially for college students.

It isn’t that hard to get them and read them actually, if you don’t use e-books often you probably only know there’s something called Kindle, and have no idea of how it works. I know I didn’t. However, there’s not only Kindle, but you also have a lot of options to download e-books that are just as great and efficient.

One of these options was brought to us by Barnes & Noble (which we readers all love) and is called Nook.
2.    What is Nook?

With access to a database of over one million titles, Nook is a brand of e-readers developed by American libraries Barnes & Noble based on the Android platform. The original device was announced in 2009 and has existed ever since. Initially, it was a device, and even though the device still exists, Barnes & Noble offers free applications for various platforms that allow you to access the Nook e-reads.

The issues are, Nook is very hard to install in iOS devices, so that’s a no if you have an iPhone or iMac.

3.    Can you read nook books on Android?

Since Nook is an Android-based platform, I would say it is pretty safe to say yes. You can download an app in your phone that will allow you to access the one and only Barnes and Noble's e-book database. The best thing, you don’t even need a Nook device. The app is designed so it can handle all the Nook features, which are pretty impressive if you ask me.

You can also access the book sharing abilities that Nook provides. To share a book, you can use The LendMe feature, this will let you lend eligible nook books to anyone with a Barnes & Noble account. Not all books can be lent, though (sad, right?), but those who can have a little “LendMe®” icon on the top corner of the cover.  You can do all this from the cellphone/tablet/computer app.

4.    How can you read nook books on Android?

It is actually quite easy to download the app, open Google Play on your Android phone and enter “Nook” into the search engine. "NOOK for Android by Barnes & Noble" will probably be the first result, if not, scroll a bit until you find it. Like any other app, you’ll just have to press the “install” button. Once installed, you just need to open it and start the application.

This will lead you into account setup if you already have a Nook account you just have to enter your account name and password. If you don’t, you have to press the “get started” button, this will change the interface and lead you to create a BN.com (Barnes & Noble website) account. You’ll only need to enter your email, a password, and answering your security questions. And that’s it, you can start your reading now.

After setting up your account, or opening a new one, the app will take you to the main Nook app screen. From here, you’ll be able to access your library, if you have a Nook device your books will most likely be here, however, if you don’t nook will probably give you some sample books.

Choose whatever book you want to read and adjust the setting of it. You can customize the font by pressing the Android menu key, bigger, smaller, and unlike Kindle, nook also lets you choose what font you want to read on (as in font type). You have eight different options and can choose the one that suits you better.

You also have the option of bookmarking when reading something. The only thing you have to do is press the upper right-hand corner of the page. The page will fold into a little triangle (like real books, what?), which means the page is bookmarked. If you want to clear the bookmark just press again.

5.    How can you get new books to read?

That’s what the B&N store is for. You can access it from the home screen and browse through the over a million options Barnes & Noble offers. I’d say it’s quite a vast selection. The home screen shows over 100 books that you can sample-download.

To reduce a million options you have, there are the categories. If you want to change categories or go back to the home screen, you have to press your phone’s menu key. The categories vary. Among them there are some like, Top Sellers, most popular books, top "LendMe" books, steals "n" deals, and books recommended by Barnes & Noble. The recommendations are based on books you’ve read in the past, similar to the Netflix algorithm. It’ll show you a similar genre, authors, or other books by an author you read a lot.

E-books can be a not so liked change. Having the pages and smelling the paper are all part of the reading experience. But once you’ve tried e-books, you’ll realize it’s so practical you don’t want to stop.