Count your calories, take your calls, see your messages, take photos, from your wrist. We’ve all heard about the Apple watch, this little device Apple released in 2015. Though at the beginning everyone but the geeks thought it was a little bit of a waste of money, apple always finds its way around, updates, redesigns, and marketing. Now we all want one.

As a matter of fact, the apple watch is pretty cool. Most iPhone owners have one and are able to use all its functions. Now, Android users, you’ve probably wondered more than once: Can you sync your Apple watch to Android?
Sync your Apple watch to android

1. The million-dollar question: Can you sync your Apple watch to android?

No. No, you can’t. I’m sorry.

2. What? Why not?

The thing is, Apple is very not nice when it comes to making its devices android friendly.  There’s literally no getting around it. You need an iPhone. If you already bought you apple watch then you better go back to the iShop and buy an iPhone because otherwise, your Apple watch is pretty much useless.

iPhones have a built-in app that’ll let you activate your watch, and you need setups like iCloud and Apple Pay to do the data exchanges and activate the connectivity (if your watch has LTE). You can’t even set it up and then use it with your Android, Apple Watch is specially designed for Android phones.

3. Is there really no way? Cero?

Yes, yes there is you insisting little person. But not really. Here it goes. There is kind of a workaround, that isn’t really a workaround. You’ll be able to use your Apple Watch with an Android phone or rather use an Apple Watch while having an Android phone. It isn’t really a workaround because you’ll still need an iPhone. You’ll also need a cellular Apple Watch and a nano-SIM card (for the phone).

The Odyssey you can go through to use your Apple Watch with your Android Phone is as follows. You put your SIM card inside an iPhone and set up the Apple Watch with your Phone. Activate the cellular capability of the watch, this means you can receive calls in your Apple Watch as well as in your phone. Now, put the SIM card back where it belongs inside your Android.

What this will do is that it’ll let you receive the same calls you get on your phone, on your watch. This can happen because the LTE can function semi-autonomously and has its own cellular line. So, both of your devices will receive the calls placed to you. 

You might, MIGHT, also be able to receive some text messages, although I wouldn’t really trust that to happen. You also can’t have the fitness data or any other data that isn’t related to your cellular line for that matter. Your phone and your watch are just tied to the same cellular account, not paired.

4. The good news: you can still have something similar to an Apple Watch with your Android.

There are a bunch of Android-compatible smartwatches and activity trackers that are compatible with Android phones. And that, many might say, are rather superior to the Apple Watch. Even though I really like the iWatch, I have to admit, the majority of these look way better on your wrist.

5. Best 5 Models for you to replace the Apple Watch 

These were, in my opinion, and in Amazon client’s, the 5 best watches you can use if you have an Android.

Galaxy Watch

This is one of the most stylish smartwatches there is. It looks like a totally normal watch. Although this watch doesn’t really run on Android but on Samsung, it can function with an Android phone. Just like the Apple watch, it measures fitness data, tracking your steps, heart rate, distances ran, calories burnt, and other cool things that’ll make you forget you couldn’t set that Apple Watch.

TicWatch Pro

This one IS specifically designed to function with Android. But it’s compatible with both Android and iOS in case you ever want to get an iPhone. It can cover almost any purpose, whether it is taking your calls, tracking your health, or for fun. It also looks like a normal watch.

The thing that makes this one stand out the most is the extended battery life. While most smartwatches last about a day, this one can last up to 30 days (depending on the use you give to the watch).

Fitbit Versa

The Versa is the first Fitbit watch that features all the other things apart from exercise data.  This edition of the watch lets the users make calls, text, and have calendar alerts. The Fitbit is great for fitness purposes, it’ll give you all the health insights you need.
It even covers feminine health.

LG Watch Urbane

This one is also completely workable for the office, it is also water and dust resistant. It also tracks fitness features such as heart rate and steps. It has gesture support and notifications.

Motorola Moto 360

There are two generations of this watch, I, personally, like the second one better. It’s much fancier. There are many great things about this watch. You can synchronize it with an iPhone but it is better at pulling notifications from a Moto X Style or Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+. 

With this watch, you can silence your phone's notifications, and you can use it outside the Bluetooth range. You can DIY emojis, quickly reply to Google Hangout requests with your voice, take pictures remotely. Also, and this is my personal favorite because I am a mess, you can find your missing phone. You just have to download the app, and hit the button inside it, your phone will start ringing.

So now you don’t have to feel bad because your cellphone can’t coordinate with an Apple Watch, there are many options for you to enjoy the same features it offers.