For a while now, Android has successfully been the Operative system that gets 86% of the smartphones sold in the world working. Developed by Google, this Operative system is strongly defended by the majority of its users all around the world.

Sharing files, photos, videos, and other stuff is a completely necessary action for anyone who lives in the 21st century. The iOS devices brought to us AirDrop, a way for you to share almost anything without losing photo quality, and regardless of the size of the files. You can also do it quite easily and almost instantly. Sadly, this only works between iOS devices.
Fastest Way To Transfer Files Between Android Phones
Those who own Android-powered smartphones seem to have it a little more difficult. You either have to try and connect them through Bluetooth and send the files that way (which is pretty slow and tedious), or, you can send them by attaching them to an email, or through messages. Whichever way you’ve figured to do it, it probably is slow and will cause your videos and photos to lose quality.

Lucky for you, Android users, there actually is a way for you to transfer files between Android devices that is pretty easy and will give back to you several minutes of your time.

The fastest way to transfer files between Android phones is either NFC or the Superbeam app.
1.    What is NFC and how do I know if my device has it? 

Some Android phones have this pretty cool feature that’ll let you transfer large files between devices, the way to do this is with the Android Beam file feature. NFC stands for Near Field Communication, in most Android phones it can be seen as an N symbol on the notification bar. Although it is much rare in newer phones, there is still a chance yours might have it.

To check if your device has NFC you have to go to Settings> More. Then look for it under the Wireless & Networks category.

There should be an NFC switch button, you have to press it. Once it has been activated, the button will be ticked with a check mark. Both devices have to follow these steps for the exchange to be possible.

If one of your devices does not have NFC, then you can skip the following subheading.

2.    How do I transfer files using NFC?

Once you activate NFC the rest is rather easy. Enter photos, or files and look for the one you want to transfer to the other Android device. On the sending phone (where the file is coming from) open this file or multimedia. The receiver's phone only needs to have an active home screen and NFC.

Then you make both devices touch backs, the sender's device will show a message that reads “touch to beam”, you do that, touch the screen. With this, you start your transferring process. If it is working, your screen should read something similar to “sending file”.  Wait for the progress bar of the transfer to complete, once it does, a “Beam complete” notification will be displayed as long as the transfer was successful.

3.    Don’t have NFC? Don’t worry, you can use the SuperBeam app

Superbeam app is a file transfer tool that’ll let you transfer files (well, duh) using Wifi direct, NFC, or QR codes. This app seeks to take advantage of a variety of wireless technologies to transfer files between Android phones. The heavy duty is done over Wifi or Wifi direct, and it is supported by either an NFC connection or a QR code.

For it to work you need both devices to have the SuperBeam app. If they don’t, go download it.

4.    How do I download the SuperBeam app?

The SuperBeam app is like any other app and is actually available on Google Play Store. Enter the Play app in your phone and look for SuperBeam, it’ll probably be the first option. The app logo is a blue diamond shape with gray stripes that look a little like the Wifi symbol. Click on it and press the button “Install”, this will begin with the download. App permissions might pop up, accept all of them.

Finally, open the app.

5.    How do I transfer my files using SuperBeam?

Now for the good part, how to transfer the files.

First thing you have to do is choose the file you are going to send. Select the file or photo and choose to share it, then select the SuperBeam option. The app will ask you if the other device (the receiver device) is operating under the same network. If it is, the bits will be sent over that network. Otherwise, the app will establish a Wifi direct connection between the two of them, this might take a little longer.

From there you have two different options. You can, on one hand, choose to use NFC by pressing the back of both devices together (check subheading two), and pressing the screen on the sending device. This will suffice to send it over to the other one.

As an alternative, there’s the SuperBeam scanner from the tool drawer of the app, the receiver can use their phone it to scan the QR code that will be shown in the sending device’s screen.

The transfer can be really fast or really slow, it depends on how old the devices are, their infrastructure and capacities, how fast the wifi network is. Although this app might not be as simple as using Airdrop or SBeam (for Samsung users), it’s still a really good way for Android users to send files effectively, and it is the fastest way to transfer files between Android phones.

So, you can kiss Bluetooth and email goodbye with these methods. At first, it might be a little hard to get used to them but they’ll become a lifesaver.  Especially considering that NFC is disappearing from the newest versions of Android devices, you should encourage your friends and co-workers to download SuperBeam and accelerate the whole file-transferring process for good.