Besides from being an e-commerce giant, Amazon offers a lot of other very interesting services like Amazon Prime Video, which is included with your Prime subscription. This platform works just like any other streaming platform in which you can watch an unlimited number of movies and TV shows on any device, as long as it is compatible. However, even if you can watch it on any device you want, there is nothing more comfortable than curling up on your couch and watching a movie on the big screen of your very own TV. That’s why here is everything you need to know about Smart TVs that are compatible with Amazon Prime.

Just like all the other similar platforms, you need to hire the Prime service to access the library of the platform, once you have done that, the service is available in a very wide variety of different devices, among which there are the smart TVs.

How to watch Amazon Prime on your Smart TV

In order to watch Amazon Prime on a smart TV, you first need to check if your TV actually has the app needed to stream Amazon Prime already installed. If it doesn’t then you’ll need to go to the app download section and do it yourself [download it].

Once you have done this, open the Amazon Prime app on your TV and enter your personal data for your Amazon account (email and password), this way you can access the content and you’ll be able to enjoy all the wide variety of movies the platform offers.

What Smart TV brands are compatible with Amazon Prime Video

Well, officially, Amazon has never released a full list of the models that are compatible with the Prime Video app. However, the company does recommend that if you have any doubts regarding this you can contact them and check if your TV model is compatible or not, and it shouldn’t cause you too much of a problem.

However, Amazon has actually offered some information about the brands that have compatible models that will let you stream Amazon Prime video on your smart TV. In this case, it is actually important to mention that the app might not be compatible with some smart TV models made by Samsung in 2012 ever since January 2018. Any model after that year (2012) is compatible.

Besides that, the app that lets you watch Amazon Prime Video is available in any smart TV of the brands WebOS (all models released after 2014), Sony and Phillips also have compatible smart TVs (all models after 2015), and so does Panasonic (2015 and later models too).

Didn’t find your TV on this list? Here is how you can watch Amazon Prime

Amazon Fire TV Stick- Not having a compatible Smart Tv shouldn’t stop you from enjoying all the awesome benefits Amazon Prime Video brings you, and it also shouldn’t mean you have to change your TV. There is actually a pretty economical option released by Amazon itself. The Amazon TV Fire Stick is an affordable device that will let us watch Amazon Prime Video, even if our TV is not connected to Wi-Fi.

Video consoles PS3, PS4 y Xbox One- As it turns out, there is more than one benefit to having this kind of consoles, and one of them is you can stream Amazon Prime Video. It is available in Play Station 3, Play Station 4, and on Microsoft’s console, the Xbox One. So, as it turns out if you have one of these console models at home you can use them to stream Amazon Prime and not have an issue.

Apple TV- the popular device obviously had to offer one of the most famous streaming services. Amazon has an official application already preinstalled on Apple TV devices. If the app isn’t preinstalled on your device, the only thing you have to do is download it from the App Store on your Apple TV, later you’ll just need to enter your Amazon account, and once you do that you should be able to stream all the movies and TV series on Amazon Prime Video and enjoy all the platform’s content. However, the app is only compatible with models 4K, and the third and fourth generations of Apple TV devices.

Nvidia Shield- This is another device that is compatible with the Prime Video app, so if you have this device you’ll be able to stream the movies in Prime Video without the need to have a Smart TV or a compatible model. The app has been available in this device since 2016, and the only thing you’ll need to do to access the app is to open it in your device and enter your credentials to access, and ready, you can now enjoy all the content of this app in the big TV you have at home.

Chromecast- You can’t actually stream content directly from the Prime Video app directly into the Google platform, anyhow, there is an alternative for you to use your Chromecast to watch Prime video on your TV. In order to do this, what you’ll need to do is use Chromecast as a support, and by using Google Home app (which is also available for both iOS and Android devices). Once you install the Google Home app, you’ll need to select the menu and choose the option “share scree or audio”. Now you’ll have another interface in which you have to select your Chromecast, which is the device where you want to send your content. Once you have done this, you’ll be able to see the screen of your phone or computer on your TV. It is a little more complicated but if you have a Chromecast and can do it, you shouldn’t need to buy any of the other devices.