Sometimes we clear or delete many documents, pictures, videos, etc. from our android phone. We delete things which are not useful to us. Things which won’t come to any of our uses any time are moved into trash by deleting it. Some phones nowadays also have recycle bin. Recycle bin is used as the storage of your deleted items. It stores all your deleted items till you clear all of it. Trash should be emptied by you regularly. You should not keep them as it will take a lot of storage of your phone. People are usually use recycle bin to get the deleted data, files, pictures, movies, etc. They deleted them by mistake sometimes. This is why they don’t want to regret afterwards by deleting their important documents. So, they keep recycle bin and moved all the trash files into it. They empty trash of this box regularly. It is a very important thing for us nowadays. We get a lot of benefits from it. This is why people are interested to use recycle bin as their trash storage so they can collect files from it any time and can also empty them any time they want to clean it.

There are a lot of ways on solving this question How to empty trash on android phone. We will discuss some way to empty trash on your android phone. 

Here they are given below:

How To Empty Trash On Android Phone

Google Photos

Most of us keep all our pictures and videos in the Google storage. It remains safe there. Google photos have a huge storage for keeping the pictures and videos. It won’t take any storage from your phone. It will use the storage of Google cloud. It is also very safe to keep our photos there. Because we won’t lose our photos from there. There is not any chance of deleting your photos from there also. So, this is a better option to keep our photos and videos safe.

But if we want to delete photos and videos from there, we need to select those files or pictures, or videos which we want to delete and then click the trash box icon. It will then move into the trash items. It will be found in the recycle bin with all other deleted items. Then you can empty the trash box also.


It is a great source of sharing files, pictures, and videos. We can share a lot of things using Gmail. It is very popular and famous all over the world. People mostly use it for their official work. It is commonly used for sharing all the information and documents of corporate world or official work. You can also empty trash from the mails. You can delete your mails. You can also delete the shared items from the mail. It can be harmful, if we lose our important mails from there.

This is why Gmail also have recycle bin and when you delete an item, it directly goes to the trash box. You can easily recover it from there. You can also empty the trash, if you are sure about that it won’t be of any use for you. Only then you can empty your trash box and delete all the files inside it. It is a great way of empty trash on your android phone.

Drop Box

We also use drop box to upload and download our important files and documents. It is very important to keep the important documents in there. So most of the time we delete the unnecessary documents and files from the drop box. It also goes to the trash box. You can empty it any time you want. You also can recover any files from there. It is a great source of recovering files. You won’t be able to delete files unintentionally. You can only delete files when you are fully aware of that it won’t be any of your help or work.

This is why drop box are popular nowadays. People are loving to use this app. They are pretty much interested of the facilities of it.

Recycle Bin App

As we are discussing in most of our above mentioned apps, recycle bin app is the most important place to empty your phone’s trash. Almost every phone has this function. So, it is very easy to use recycle bin app. If your phone doesn’t have recycle bin, then you can download it from internet. 

Clear Cache of All Apps

You can also empty trash by clear cache from your phone settings. It is also an effective way of emptying your trash box. There are a lot of files in various apps. So, you can’t just open each and every app and then delete the unnecessary files. You better go to settings, then apps, then clear cache of all apps. It will be much easy and comfortable to do. You can even delete all the files and documents at the same time. It will reduce your troubles. You won’t find it tough to empty trash on your android phone, if you follow these steps.

Use Smart Storage

You can also use smart storage. There are also a lot of apps named this. They can delete unnecessary files for you. It will remain in the recycle bin so that you can check those files and then can delete them permanently. It can be of your great use. It is quite effective and useful. So, using smart storage can help you empty trash on your android phone.


How to empty trash on android phone is a burning question for all of us. All the above mentioned apps can empty trash from your android phone. They are very popular for this. They are commonly used all over the world.