Are you looking for more information about how to play youtube with screen off? Then you are at right place. YouTube is a popular and famous source of entertainment for all of us. People are hugely getting attracted to this app day by day. But they have to use it staying on the app. People usually listen to many songs from around the world from it. But they want to listen it with their screen off. But you have to turn the screen on, if you want to listen song from YouTube. 

Many of us imagine a way out to this problem. So that, they can even listen to the music on android with their screen off. Now, it is possible because you can play YouTube with screen off android. There are a lot of apps using which you can play YouTube with screen off android. Here it is given below:
Play YouTube With Screen Off Android

Use Audiopocket

Audiopocket is a largely used app for playing YouTube with turning on screen off on android. It is a very effective app for playing YouTube with screen off. You have to install the app on your android phone first. Then you need to open the app and change the settings enabling the screen off mode. Then you need to go the YouTube and play a music or song to listen. After that you have to turn off the screen. You will see that you can listen to all songs from YouTube with the screen off. You won’t have to turn your screen and the app on for listening to songs from YouTube.

Audiopocket is a licensed app of play store, so you won’t have to worry about the security of your phone. This app won’t do any harm to your phone. All your data will be remained safe after using this app. It is a complete ad free version.

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YouTube Premium subscription

YouTube premium which is previously known as the YouTube Red can also be the solution of your playing music from YouTube with screen on android. It is quite popular for using YouTube turning off the screen on android. But this app is not free. You need to pay 11.11$ subscription fee for using the premium version of this app. This app is official app for using YouTube on background or with the screen off. So, you will surely have the best feeling use this version of YouTube. The users are loving this app. They are liking to use this app.

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It is quite effective for listening songs in the background also. You can do multitasking playing song in it. It can be very useful and effective for you. You will surely love this app while using this. The only problem with this app is the subscription fee. People usually want this service for free. They don’t want to use an app giving a subscription fee. So, there are a few percentage of people who are using this app. But it is a quality app for listening songs in the background. 

NewPipe: open source app for background playback

This is an open source app for background playback from YouTube. NewPipe is also very popular among the youths. They use this app a lot because it’s free of cost. They don’t have to pay any money for using this app. They can use it without providing any subscription fee. You can use this website any time you want to. All you need to do is just entering their website and then start playing songs from YouTube and then lock the screen. It will still be playing songs on the background. You can also use this open source app using other apps at the same time. You can do multi-tasking playing a song in this.

It is a safe open source app for listening to songs from YouTube on android. Usually open source app are not very safe for smartphones. But this app is very much useful, effective and safe for listening music on background or turning the screen off. It is quiet irritating to use YouTube with turning the screen off.

Use a web browser

You can also play YouTube on the background or turning your screen off using the web browser of your android phone. You can use chrome or firefox browser for using YouTube on the background. It is the easiest way to do that. Anyone can do that. Anyone can use a web browser. All you need to do different here is to change the setting before turning off the screen or going in the background for opening another app to do multitasking. You have to enter into the website of YouTube by entering their URL on the search bar and then change the setting to go into the desktop site.

When the browser will go into the desktop version, you need to select a song and come out from the app. You can’t close the app. Then it won’t work on your android phone. You can use other apps keep playing the music in the background. You can also turn off the screen and listen to the music. There are a lot of web browsers which you can use to play YouTube in the background or turning off the screen.

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People love to listen music or songs more than watching it. This is why they prefer to listen music on the background rather than turning the screen on. Many of us always try to find an app or a way to get rid of these problems. This article can surely solve your problems. The above mentioned app are pretty much useful and effective for listening music and songs on YouTube turning off the screen. You can keep your trust on all of the above mentioned apps.