Moving from Google’s Android to the Apple ecosystem may seem a little tricky at first, especially for a veteran Android user. Nonetheless, if you have made the decision to move, you may want to take your music with you too. Although cloud-based music streaming services like Spotify, SoundCloud, etc. are there to back you up with your auditory cravings without having to have any audio files on your device, you may want to listen to your music offline and some people just like to stick to the old way. So, how to transfer music from android to iPhone? The answer is given here.

Moving via iTunes

For this method, you will need a computer with iTunes installed on it.  First connect the android device to the computer. If you are using a Mac, use ‘Android File Transfer’. Go to the folder that contains the desired music and move/copy them to a folder on the computer. Now remove the android device and connect the iPhone to the computer. Open iTunes on the computer and drag all the music that you previously copied from the android to the iTunes music view. The connected iPhone should now appear in iTunes window. Select the device and click music. You can now choose the specific songs that you want to transfer or sync all. Finally click sync. Now you can find your music in the iPhone’s Music app.
How To Transfer Music From Android To iPhone

Using Music Streaming Services

In this era of high-speed internet, streaming music to your phone is a piece of cake. If you have been using Spotify, SoundCloud, Pandora, Amazon Music, etc., just download the respective app from App Store on your iPhone and there you go. All of your favorite music is there. Just like it was on the android.


iMazing is a free third-party app that can transfer files from android to iOS. Thus it can easily transfer music too. At first, download the iMazing software on your PC or Mac and install it. If using a mac, you will have to install Android File Transfer too. Now connect the android to the computer and move/copy the music files to a folder there. Now remove the android and attach the iPhone to the computer. Open iMazing and the iPhone should appear there. Click on the device and click music. Drag the music files you just copied and drop them on iMazing. After confirming, the music should be transferred to the iPhone.

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CopyTrans Manager

It is another software client that can transfer your music from android to iPhone. So, if you are wondering how to transfer music from android to iPhone, there are plenty of options out there. In this method, connect the android to a PC with CopyTrans manager installed on it. Move the music from the device to the PC. Now open up the software and connect the iPhone. The device should show up there. Create a new playlist in the software. Now drag the music from your PC to the playlist you just created. Now click on ‘update’ and the transfer should begin.


In this method, we are going to use a program called dr.foneto transfer the desired music to the iPhone. First install dr.fone to your computer. Now you need to connect both the devices to the computer at the same time and approve them. In the dr.fone window, click on ‘Switch’. Now both devices should be seen and the files that you would like to transfer as well. For music, simply mark the music option and click ‘Start Transfer’. That’s it. All the music on your android should now be copied to your iPhone. By this method, all of your music gets transferred. But if you want to move them separately, that is just as easy as the previous trick. Instead of clicking on ‘Switch’, click on ‘Transfer’. Select the music tab and you should be able to see all the music. Select according to your wish and then click ‘Transfer Device Media to iTunes’. The job should be done after that.


Most of us are probably familiar with this file-sharing app. It is a cross-platform file sharing app from Lenovo that works well. From your android phone, go to play store and search and install Shareit. The app should also be available in the App Store on the iPhone. Install it on the iPhone too. Now fire up both the app at the same time in the two phones. From the android phone, click on send and allow all the necessary permissions. On the iPhone click on receive and allow permissions. Select the music you want to transfer from the android and click send again. In the iPhone, the android device should pop up. Click on it and it should start transferring right away. After the transfer finishes, close the app and the music files should be there.

Over the Internet

With high-speed internet, you can easily transfer all your music as well as other files without any major hassle. Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, etc. should be able to provide the service just fine. They even offer up to 15 GB (Google Drive) of storage per account for free. Just create an account or use an existing one, upload the music files. And then download them onto your iPhone.


Bluetooth may sound like an older and slower option, but it can be found on almost every device. And the compatibility and reliability is versatile. So, if the quantity of your music is not huge, Bluetooth can be a solid option for you to move the music from android to iOS.

So, these are some of the convenient methods to transfer the music files of your android phone to your iPhone. Use any one of them that suits you the best!