Are you looking for more information about Android Games With Character Customization? Then let me tell you- you are at right place. I will deliver all information related Android Games With Character Customization. Young adults and teenagers are highly obsessed with games, especially males. A father and son can spend a whole afternoon playing video game and never get tired. Where do they get the energy from? How can I sit for more than two hours doing the same thing? 

Nevertheless, what you do not know is that when teens go to bed they are going to talk and chat with friends first, or play games available on android. Unless you have a rule in your house that says no phones in bedroom. Availability of android games with character customization has enabled teenagers to have almost similar experience to those who can afford better platforms like Xbox and PlayStation. Modifying a character to meet the qualities you would like in him/her makes the game more fun. Some of these games, not limited to, include:

Android Games With Character Customization

AdventureQuest 3D

All you need to do is download from playstore. Once you have downloaded, the game is not going to cost you any amount of money to play. And it offers you great character customization like, you can see items on your character when you equip them, and the available materials for customizing a character are words, scythe blades, fidget spinners, wands, pew pew thingies, armors, matrixy looking long coats, gloves, boots, capes, helms, belts, hair, & accessories. With all these things at your disposal, I don’t get why you should not be able to make a character you will feel cool playing.

Arcane Legends

This game apart from being free, it gives three different classes and each class has its own skills and abilities. A class is unlocked after a success complete on the previous, with the new class giving you even more options to customize your character. This game is a fantasy action game that takes you on an adventure where you encounter bosses to fight, collect pets and also find loot. You can decide to go solo or join the friends playing it online for a more intriguing experience. This game has been in the market for quite some time now but the work the developers are doing keeps the game on top.

Era of legends

This free to play fantasy game has top notch features that make it more entertaining. Apart from customizing the character, other features include; availability of auto-fight. If you are the kind of person who doesn’t want to work hard or play hard, then an auto-fight mode is available you can switch it on and off as you prefer. The game allows you to combine class skills and pet abilities. It has eight classes with each having some unique features. Not many android games will allow you combine these two, but era of legends does. It is an open world game and allows you to adventure through the mountains.

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School of Chaos Online

I like this game as a player, but I don’t like it as a parent or guardian. It has the character customization feature every game player would like to enjoy. It has fantastic features including allowing you to make your own quest, upgrading equipment, a variety of fighting techniques, and availability of many weapons among other features. 

However, I do not like it as a parent because if it were to be played by a school going kid, it might affect their behavior in school. It inflicts bad morals to teenagers playing the game. The developers and the team involved could have done something different apart from the survival for the fittest kind of a theme in school. These are just a few but there are other so many available android games with character customization.

Advantages of android games

They are less costly

Spending nothing or close to nothing to play an interesting video game is fantastic. Bearing in mind that teens and young adults are the ones playing these games, if they were expensive questions would be raised and some who cannot afford might indulge into illegal ways of making money, like stealing a few dollars from the mum’s handbag, how is that? Ensuring that players are enjoying their games without any fights over money is really a good idea.


Travelling or on vacation, you do not need to carry your gaming platform with you, all you need is an android phone. These games are convenient because wherever you go you have your phone with you and can play any time and any places, and still experience the same excitement.


These games have multi-player features and the players can text and chat as long as they are on the same game. As much as the phones were not meant for this purpose, by gaming a new way of communication has been established and still maintains the key reason why they were introduced.

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Lack of access to more convenient gaming platforms should not be the end of your gaming passion. Having fun should not be limited to people associated with money. Don’t say that because you cannot afford to go to an island, you will never go on vacation. Are you out of your mind? There are options, there is always an option, and when it comes to gaming, an option has already been provided. 

Sometimes you could be in some place where you feel bored because of the activities around, just take you phone sit down and have some fun. Developers should be congratulated for this kind of cheap, convenient method they have created to keep us entertained. Gamers can now enjoy the freedom to customize characters from their phone without a big hassle.