Are you looking for more information about How Long Do Archived Emails Stay In Gmail? Then you are at right place. In this article, I will sort out all your queries and questions related this article. Archiving emails means keeping them in a safe box without deleting them. Archiving is removing emails that are not important at the moment form your inbox to the all mail label. In case there is a response to an archived mail, the conversation pops back on the inbox mail showing the new response and the old archived message. An archived email stays in Gmail for as long as you have not deleted it. 

It is important to know that Gmail automatically organizes your emails for convenience. There are three categories namely primary, social and promotions. In the primary segment, you receive all the important emails from individuals and any other that does not fall on the other two categories. Social emails are all emails from any social platform like Facebook, twitter, name them while promotions keep messages that are promotional, just as the world suggests. If you have an account with a certain online shop and they have this offer coming up, an email sent to you concerning the offer will be categorized under promotions.

Regardless of the category under which an email is kept, archiving it is not limited, it is similar to archiving those stored in the primary category.
How Long Do Archived Emails Stay In Gmail

How to archive an email

On your computer or laptop, click on the inbox and move the cursor to the mail you would like to archive. Without clicking on the email, options will appear at the right side of that mail. The four options appear as icons but when you move the cursor on top of them, you will see what they mean. For instance, the four icons stand for archive, delete, mark as read and snooze simultaneously. The moment you click the archive option, the mail will immediately disappear from the inbox.

From an android phone, it is super easy to archive an email. All you need to do is go to inbox and swipe to the right or left the email you would like to archive. The good thing about this is Gmail team, if I can say so, figured it is easy for someone to unintentionally archive an email due to the scrolling and all the movements on the screen, so, when you swipe to the right or left, a pop up notification immediately appears with an option to undo. If you tap the undo option, the mail is restored back to the inbox.

Difference between archive and delete

When you delete an email, it means that you will not need it or you don’t want it in your Gmail account, however, archiving is not deleting. I can say it is keeping your mailbox organized. This is because, an archived message can be retrieved even after a year or so.

Let me ask you something, after how long do you empty your dustbin in your house? And after throwing something in the bin, do you go to pick it back? The same criterion is used by Gmail. When you delete an email, it is moved to trash but archived messages are moved to all mail.

Archived and deleted mails can be retrieved back, but there is a limitation for the deleted mails. You will not find a mail in trash that has stayed for 30 days. After the 30 days it is permanently deleted from your account. This applies to messages in spam folder as well. If a mail stays for 30 days in the spam folder it is automatically deleted.

Advantages of using Gmail


Gmail can be accessed from anywhere as long as there is internet connection. If you have travelled to some place and your phone goes off, you can go into a cyber and use their computers to log in to your account. A security tip: if you use a public computer to log in to your account, make sure you log out and you do not click on remember me option. Clicking on that will leave your account to be accessed by any other person that uses that computer. You cannot blame Gmail, it was your fault.


Do you know that unless you are careless with your password, it is not easy for a hacker to break into your Gmail account? I think this is the best communication platform I can see has the best security measures ever. If someone tried to access your account from another device, you always receive a notification about it.

Spacious storage

You will never receive a message from Gmail asking you to delete some mails, or your mailbox is full. The storage capacity of Gmail is very reliable even for storing big files.


How much do you pay for maintenance? How much do you pay to set up a personal account? How often do you download a new version of Gmail? If you have an account you must be having answers to these questions. How Gmail makes profit is none of your business, you never know it could be a charitable organization. But the services you receive are definitely part of your business, because you are exchanging a lot of information, personal or business information, and you are trusting them to keep it safe. If you do not have an account, having one is free, and there is no maintenance fee whatsoever.


Archiving emails is very important than deleting simply because you want to maintain a neat inbox. The major and perhaps the only importance of archiving an email is because you can be able to refer to it anytime you want regardless it will be after how long.