Are you looking for more information related to How To Make Phone Not Reachable For Specific Number? Then let me help you in this issue. Here I will provide you all valuable information related to this issue. Today is more technologically advanced than it used to be. In fact, phones have upgraded massively throughout the years. We have gone from only a few phone numbers and an operator to cell phones with facial and voice recognition. 

Another thing that has upgraded is the different features your phone has that you can use. [Related Terms: how to set not reachable in mobile for particular number, how to make not reachable for particular number in android, how to make my number not reachable for specific number]

Many years ago, our phones were simply made to call someone. Now there are features like call waiting, blocking your number, and even video chatting. Privacy is always going to be an issue and when it comes to technology you want to be sure that you don't give just anyone your number. 

If there is someone calling you that you do not want to speak with, or shouldn't even be a bother, there is a way you can block phone numbers in order to ensure that your phone remains unreachable to those numbers. Before you can do that, you need to make sure that the phone you have is capable of doing blocking numbers and that the numbers you want blocked are written down for blocking purposes.
Make Phone Not Reachable For Specific Number

Why you want to make your phone unreachable

There are many reasons someone may want to make their phone unreachable for specific numbers. Remember, this does not always work on every phone but many newer smartphones are capable of blocking phone numbers from calling them. 

There are also many different quick tricks you can use in order to make your phone unreachable to any number. The main thing to ask, is if the number calling you is one that you no longer want to hear from? Is this a phone number that you want to remain blocked, or just a number that you don't want to hear from right now? 

These are all things that need to be considered when trying to determine which way is the best way to block or avoid phone calls or make your phone unreachable.

Quick tips to avoid getting those unwanted calls

There are some great quick tips to avoid getting those unwanted calls. The first great tip is simple, don't give your phone number to someone you don't want having it. If you aren't sure whether or not the other person or place is important enough to have your phone number then get there number instead and make any further calls from another number. 

Another great tip is to avoid entering your phone number into any websites or social media site. There are some more tricks that involve using your phone itself as well. However, you won't be able to get any calls from anyone on your phone and they will be forwarded to your voicemail if you choose this next trick. 

Your phone will have a setting called the "Airplane" mode. This setting turns off any radio-frequency signal transmission by the device, thereby disabling Bluetooth, telephony, and Wi-Fi. In other words, no one can call you or notify you by this phone in "Airplane" mode. 

Also, there is simply the power button and the ignore button that also are available when being bothered by phone numbers. Whether it be because you don't want to talk to them specifically or you are in a meeting, these are quick to use.

Fast ways to avoid calls

As mentioned above there are some quick ways to avoid calls. There is the "Airplane Setting" that shuts all of your phones incoming and out coming signals, a setting on some peoples phones that send your caller a "Not available at this time" message, and even the volume on your phone can be turned off. You can also remove your battery, or even place your phone in a container. These are all things that can be used when needing a quick way to avoid calls. Remember, that when it comes to specific phone numbers, it will take a bit more work to avoid those.

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How to block specific callers using your voicemail setting

The first thing you can do to avoid those pesky calls from people are places you have to make sure you write down which numbers you are wanting to avoid, that way you don't send the wrong people to your voicemail or a random number. 

First you need to look through the different settings in your phone, particularly your voicemail settings. Not every phone has them but we will get to you next. The voicemail setting will allow you to pick certain numbers you want sent to your voicemail immediately. This will avoid hearing your phone ring from those unwanted numbers as well as giving you the power on when to choose to hear from them. 

The next thing you can do with that same setting with some phones, is forward calls from specific callers, to another number of your choosing. Now, this can be a real number of your that perhaps is more convenient to you, or it can be a phone number that you make up. It all depends on the phone number and what you choose to do with it.

Is there a call blocking app on your phone

Next thing you can do to avoid phone calls from specific callers is to locate an application that does just that. If you want to blacklist specific numbers then sometimes the best thing you can do is download an application from your play store or check to see if your phone already has an application that does. 

There are free applications that one can download in order to blacklist an unwanted caller. One application is called "Truecaller". This app has caller ID and different blocking & Dial features. 

Another effective application that is free to download is Mr. Number. This is another application that blocks calls & spam. Blacklist Plus is a powerful call blocker that allows you to change your blacklist with ease. 

This is important for those who like to block people and then change your mind. Of course there are many more but they all do something different. Be sure to know what type of phone numbers and things you want blocked on your phone.

Different ways to block calls using your Android or Iphone

Apple: The Hiya Caller ID, and Block application is an application made to identify and block robocalls. It can identify telemarketing calls, debt collectors and fraud calls and block them automatically. 

If you don’t want to download an application, there is a simple solution for iPhone to block calls. Tap on Any number of the saved contact, go to the contact page, scroll down until you see block this caller. Alternatively, you can go to iOS Settings,  Phone, then Call Blocking & Identification  and then Blocked Contacts or Add new Contact.

Android: Call Blacklist is a great Android call blocker application that works both as a spam call blocker and message blocker. If you don’t want to download an application, some Android phones have built in settings. One way is to open your Phone app and access the section containing your recent calls. 

Long press on any of them and select “Block number.” If your phone doesn’t have this option try opening the Phone app, tapping on the three-dot menu icon on the top-right corner, and selecting “Settings.” From the menu, just hit “Call blocking” and add the numbers you want to block.

Now not all phones are the same as mentioned before, so different phones have different ways of doing this. Do some research on your phone a bit and it may help you decide which call blocking option you want.