Despite the option of streamlining music directly from the internet, some people like me would rather download and keep them. For the sake of such people, in this article I am giving you tips on how to transfer the music to your android device. The current generation may not be knowing the importance of a manual backup system, but I hope that with time, they will understand and appreciate the contribution it has had on technology. The three major methods of transferring iTunes playlist to android phone are;

Manual transfer

This is done by creating a new folder on your desktop. This makes it easy to work with one target rather than going through the already congested folders. It is also a security so that you do not tamper with files in other folders. Copy the songs you would like to transfer and paste them in the new folder. Now that they are in a folder of their own it is easy to navigate through them. Connect your android device to the computer using a USB cable and upon connection, a notification should appear on your screen with connection options. 

Once connected, you can transfer the music by copying from the folder you created and pasting to your connected device, or just drag the folder and drop on your device’s storage. This might appear like a more traditional cumbersome method of doing it. Well, you are correct because there is an easier and sophisticated way of doing it. Check it below.
Transfer iTunes Playlist To Android Phone

Synchronizing with Google play music.

New technology for new generation. This requires internet connection especially in the beginning. First, you will have to download Google Play Music Manager to your PC and install it. During configuration, select iTunes on the Upload songs to Google Play. Now you wait for the upload to take place and once it’s complete, you are good to go. The upload period might take a long time if you are transferring a huge playlist, therefore, I would advise to break the transfer files for speed.

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iTunes to Android Transfer

This method is best suited for bulk music playlist, since the first method could be cumbersome, and the second one could take longer than necessary. On your PC, download and install iTunes and then click on the switch button on the screen and select iTunes backup file. Using a USB cable connect your android device to the PC and connect using the notification that will appear on your screen, immediately your phone will be detected. Go to music on the PC and click the start copy options. The music will be copied to your phone without much struggle.

Features of Google play music.

Google play music has two types of services, a free service and a premium service. The free services is known as music locker and online store and the premium services is all access subscription. The latter provides more services than the former. How can two people get similar services yet their charges are different? It is not possible, you get what you pay for. Google play music features the following, among others:

Good audio features

It is all about music, music is all about good audio features. Using Google play music on a phone allows you to make adjustments like setting it to be the quality you want, either low, high or medium. Sometimes, it automatically changes the quality according to your internet connection.

Affordable services

You do not need to be connected to the internet 24/7 in order to enjoy music. Google play music allows you to download a song to listen when you are offline. There is no limit to the number of songs to download in a day. If you had one day access to good internet, take advantage of it and download as many songs as possible. This saves on money since you won’t require to purchase internet connection every other time.
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Why should we keep music in android phone?

It sounds traditional but remember old is gold. Even if our technology is growing so first we should not forget where we are coming from. There are reasons why an android phone is a good option for storing iTunes playlist instead of streamlining. Not every person has access to apple products as some iTunes require to be played using apple devices therefore;

It is convenient

Once the music is on your phone, you can go to wherever you want to go without having to drag your laptop along for entertainment. Whether you have internet connection or not, you can listen to the music already stored in your android.

Enough storage

In case you have stored a lot of things that your phone cannot carry any more, there is always an option to enlarge the storage. It is so cheap and affordable as compared to some other products, simply because all you need is a microSD card since a slot already exists. A microSD card is not really expensive because they vary depending with the sizes, you can get a 1GB or even 16GB.

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Yes, we should change with the changing trends and embrace them, but we should not throw our traditional ways under the bed. We should cherish them because they have enlightened us to get to where we are today. Before, people used to download poor quality mp3 music, but now, everything is available in 3D and audio features have really improved. Surprisingly, it is becoming even harder to have music because of the cost involved in buying internet to streamline because only a few platforms offer services to download for offline.