Wires are helpful in transmitting power or information, but they are ugly too. A wireless mouse is more appealing and antique since it is powered by a battery. In other words, using a wireless mouse makes the space sophisticated. A Nano receiver is as small as a year-old kid’s thumb and occupies such minimal space than when using a wired mouse. 

Sometimes even navigating a wired mouse is inconveniencing. Wireless mouse are available in two types, Bluetooth Radio Frequency- this connects directly to the computer's Bluetooth receiver, and Radio Frequency (RF) wireless connects to a receiver that you plug into your computer. 

If you really need a wireless mouse, it is good to be careful that you do not lose the receiver bought with the mouse. This is because a wireless mouse cannot work without a Nano receiver unless you buy a wireless mouse that do not require a receiver. 

Such type exist but have their own limitations. With a laptop that supports Bluetooth, you already have an in-built receiver and therefore, won’t be needing the Nano receiver. Imagine buying a mobile phone, but you do not have a sim card. 

How are you going to use it? You cannot make any call, the same way you cannot connect to the computer after losing a receiver. The following steps will help you connect a wireless mouse without a Nano receiver, exclusively for Bluetooth Radio Frequency.
How To Connect Wireless Mouse Without Nano Receiver

A computer with a built-in Bluetooth feature.

If you are using the old laptop or computer, I am afraid this may not work. Modern technology has created laptops and computers that do not need an external USB or Nano receiver. The wireless mouse communicates directly to the internal receiver of your computer or laptop. I say this is the first step because it is the most crucial.

Turn your laptop on and go to settings

The settings app carry almost all the information you need on any electronic devices. And because you need to ‘set up’ a connection between a wireless mouse and a laptop, you definitely aren’t going to skip this step. Under the information displayed on the settings app, select devices.

Bluetooth and other devices

After clicking on the devices, you will be redirected to another page with the option of Bluetooth and other devices, and other directions. Your focus is on Bluetooth, therefore you will click on Bluetooth and then an addition (+) sign that appears right below.


A pop-up window about add a device will immediately appear on your screen with various option, but you will be required to click on Bluetooth. At this point, ensure that the mouse is on for pairing purposes. The windows will then search and as long as the mouse is on, it will be detected. 

In order to make your mouse detectable, go through the manual or visit the manufacture so that you are not caught up on the way. Mice differ in their set up depending with the manufacturer, and so is connection. Getting enough information is critical for efficiency. 

You are done and ready to start your activities with a wireless Bluetooth mouse. Now that you know how to connect a wireless Bluetooth mouse without a Nano receiver, let’s take a ride to features of that mouse.

Features of a wireless Bluetooth mouse

This mouse has advantages over mice that require one to have a Nano receiver. They include;

It is powered by batteries

You will need to add the cost of batteries on you budget. This should not be a problem anyway since it is saving on power. What you save on electricity is what you spend on batteries. I am not a good financial advisor but I am not terrible at all.

Do not keep a long distance

It is connected via Bluetooth and you should know that the further you go the weaker the signals are. Sometimes the connection might be interrupted requiring you to pair again. To avoid inconveniences, stay as much close as you can.

Reliable and safe

Unless you lose your mouse, nobody is going to remove the Bluetooth feature from your computer, this means you cannot lose it. Nano receivers are prone to theft and misplacing but Bluetooth remains reliable, unless your computer crashes down. The in-built feature is as safe as it could ever be and it is not prone to damage.


Some mice can support more than one paired devices. This is awesome as you do not need to buy multiple mice for all the computers or laptops you have. When buying one, consider going for the one that can support multiple devices, it will be more convenient. It also saves on cost as compared to buying a mouse for every device.


When buying a wireless mouse, it is good to know which is compatible with your device. Talk to your supplier and get more enlightening on the types of mice they have in their stores. Gather information from a couple of suppliers and then weigh it according to your own understanding. Put the quality of your work into consideration, and the convenience you will get from the choice. 

If you decide to go for a mouse with an external receiver, choose the one with a small size so that it is permanently inserted on your laptop’s portal to avoid incidences like misplacing or breaking. Otherwise, connecting a wireless mouse to your computer is as easy as pairing two mobile phones, only that you are dealing with a stronger electronic device.