Netflix has become a standard when it comes to consuming entertainment. This was not the case just a few years ago, they have become a giant in the business. It used to be the case that streaming services were just not available. You had to either download your chosen content or try your luck with services that were not all that good. Because of the advances that technology has gone through we can now depend on services like Netflix.

Our bandwidth today is many times higher than what we had just a couple of years ago. The Internet is now everywhere and on virtually every device.

It used to be the case that you had to have a tv to watch movies or any kind of video content. That is not the case anymore. Where you had to choose from a few channels now you can select from an endless selection available online, much of it free. Since you now have many options and Netflix is not the only one anymore, let’s talk about canceling their subscription.
How to Cancel Netflix Subscription and Get Money Back

A bit about Netflix

Netflix is a streaming service, this means that they provide video content for you on demand. Whenever you request a movie or series from them they send the data directly to you. This means that you do not have to wait for a download to finish to begin enjoying what you want to watch. Their service is so good that if you have a decent internet connection you will never see a loading screen. It works very well and fast. They have become an industry giant because of the quality of their service, but there is another reason: their business model.

They used to limit themselves to distributing other people’s content. You were able to find a great selection of content on their platform, and this gave them an edge. People were eager for a service that worked well and had a good selection of titles. At times it can be hard to find something good amongst the ocean of free content that is available. Netflix removed this complication by selecting between what they considered would be the best. It worked very well for them.

This came behind a pay-wall. Netflix has always been a subscription-based service. There is no free Netflix alternative. You have a 30-day trial available, and after that, you have to pay. This comes with some advantages and disadvantages. We will cover a few here.

Advantages of a paid subscription model


Like we touched on before using a paid model gives you a great advantage. You will not have to select between endless options of various levels of quality. Netflix will do that for you. They make sure that you get something that is of high quality. Don’t worry about quantity, there is so much great content on Netflix that you will never have enough time to cover it all, and it constantly changes too.


Being a paid service gives you access to technical support. Any concern you may have about your experience with Netflix will be address by them promptly. Their tech support is great. They are fast and efficient, also very polite. You have many ways to engage with them too, so that is very convenient.

3. Guaranteed quality of service: 

Since they are providing a service to you, they have to commit to provide a high level of service. This means that Netflix is always up and that it works. It works on nearly every screen nowadays, including TVs and smartphones. You can even get Netflix today from your cable TV provider, it comes ready out of the box in the device that they provide. Using Netflix has never been easier, and it is a great experience. Their level of service is excellent indeed.

4. No ads: 

This is a big one. Having access to free content often means having to sit through ads. The amount and length of ads today are getting higher and higher. This can be a problem. There are situations in which you simply cannot have an ad popping up every few minutes, this is the case with screens that are left playing on the background, for instance. Knowing that you will never see ads while using Netflix is a great thing that most of us appreciate a lot. This is only possible thanks to the subscription model. Free content depends on ads to make money.


1. Access to a payment method is required: 

This is a very common problem. Not everyone has access to a credit card. Without a credit card, it is not possible to access the subscription service. Although other payment methods are starting to become available, this is not widely spread yet. If you do not have a credit card you will not have access to what you are trying to consume.

2. You do not control the content: 

You will only be able to freely choose between what Netflix has decided to make available to you. This is not a big deal with Netflix because we have already seen that there is a huge selection of excellent content. But you may find that the thing you are looking for is not there, or was removed.

3. Fees may change: 

Netflix reserves the right to change the price of their subscription at any time. No negotiation.

4. It can be too expensive: 

Of course, this is the main concern for many. In many places of the world, the price of Netflix is simply too high. Your own financial situation may change, too. This could make Netflix too expensive to keep.

Can you get a refund?

You can, of course, cancel at any time. The month you paid for will be available to you, but you will not be able to get a refund under any circumstances. This is stated very clearly in their terms of service and they have a very strict No-refund policy. Be mindful of this when subscribing.