We have become used to having access to Netflix. It used to be the case that Netflix was not a common thing, it is everywhere now. We now take for granted the ability to simply start Netflix on any of our devices. This is because it truly is very easy to get it to work anywhere, and the price is still accessible to many. There are still a few obstacles to getting access to it, even if you can afford it. We are going to cover a few options here today. We are sure that you will be able to benefit from at least one of them. That should help you in getting access to Netflix for free without a credit card. Let’s go over them one by one and see.

How to Get Netflix for Free Without Credit Card

Free options

You can get Netflix from your cable provider

This still amazes me. Netflix used to be a bitter enemy of cable providers. It has been one of the main reasons why traditional television is in such a decline. After all, they cannot compete with a service that gives you the freedom to select what you want at any time. It really is so powerful that they have grown in an incredible way. This has given Netflix a huge power of negotiation and cable companies have had to fold. You can find many cable providers around the world offering Netflix with their bundle. With this option, you get a Netflix account to access all of their content. Since cable providers have other payment methods you can dispense with the credit card, and it often comes free when you get the rest of the package. This is an excellent choice in many countries around the world.

Borrowed account

This may not be strictly what Netflix has in mind when they provide their service, but they have complete control over who gets their content. They know very well which account you are using, and from which location. Since this is a very common practice everywhere we can probably assume that they do not mind. Especially because it would be very easy for them to force you to stop. If you can get a friend or family member willing and able to use their card you can offer them to split the bill. You could also not make such an offer and get Netflix for free from them. Just be careful not to take advantage of your loved ones.

From a Netflix prepaid card

This is not widely available yet. There are countries where you will not find this option. If you are lucky to live somewhere where this is available you will be able to avoid using a credit card. You may get a Netflix Prepaid Card as a gift in this context, which would give you access to their streaming services for free. Now you just need to find someone willing to gift that to you.

Not so free options

All of the options that we will cover below aren’t truly free. You will be able to activate an account and get access to a free trial. The trial lasts for 30 days though. After that, you will have to put money into your preferred payment option to continue to use Netflix’s services. There are ways to extend the free trial, but we will not cover them here. Check these out if that is what you are looking to do. A quick online search will provide you with the results you are looking for.

With a virtual credit card

This option is not exactly free. Actually, it is not free at all. We cover it here because it is a good alternative to a credit card. You may find that you can get access to a virtual credit card. This could be the case even if you have no access to a traditional one. This is becoming more and more common, there are websites and apps that provide this service. You usually have to add a balance of money to that virtual credit card, and then you get to use it online just as you would with any other card. In this digital age, this is going to become the future. It won’t be too long before we have a lot more options than just credit cards for our payment needs.


Although you can add a credit card to your PayPal account, it is no longer required. If you have a source of income that gives you money in the form of a Paypal deposit this is a good option. There are also other ways in which you can make a deposit into your PayPal account without having to use a credit card. These options can change locally, but there are a few available. This is another option that requires money from you, it is not a way to get the service for free after the free trial is up. Like we said before, there is a way to extend your free trial. Look into it if that is what you aim at doing. We seriously recommend paying for Netflix if you can afford it. It really is worth having such a great quality service at your fingertips. Prices can be a bit high in some parts of the world, but it is quite affordable in many others, and still a much cheaper alternative to regular television.


We have covered quite a few options to avoid having to use a credit card. In some cases, you can avoid paying altogether. Having these options available is a great thing. You never know when you are going to need one of them. Keep them in mind for yourself, or as an alternative for someone that might be asking you for your account! Thanks for reading.