iPad like any other technology touchscreen devices are always evolving. They technology designers are adding new features and updating their applications to provide better services. The older version of touchscreen electronic devices required stylus pen to function. Today, the device evolution has replaced the stylus pen with a naked finger touch. However, some applications still require precision and more delicate hand and brain coordination to achieve desirable results. Sometimes the users prefer a flawless and exact touch on their iPad screen. Digital designers introduced digital pens; they are almost similar to a normal-sized pen and require special types of digital papers to be used. They contained internal electronics and there was a possibility to require repair. For some apps that provide services for drawing boards such as graphic designing apps, this device is necessary. These pens generally are meant for precise contact with the screen.
Best Stylus For Your iPad
The digital pens are more than the user’s required features. For an ordinary user, they are specific and complicated to use. This drawback is addressed as the traditional stylus pens. They are thinner and smaller to compare with the digital version. Stylus pen is designed specifically for iPad usage as their parent device and does not require any special paper. These pens allow precise and well-controlled writing drawing and creating gestures as it is essential by some apps. The free use of a stylus pen can help reduce the error created by an accidental touch, as the finger surface is much wider and less accurate. It is also could be considered more hygienic as the direct finger touch is relatively eliminated. This article focuses on different stylus pens available to iPad users. It studies their basic explanation and differentiates between their features, pros and cons of each mentionable item. This article is directed toward helping the users to have a broader perspective towards different stylus pens;

MChoice Stylus Touch Screen Pen for iPad

This product is also known as capacitive Stylus Touchscreen, which can be used for iPads and another device such as smartphones and tablets. The designers have used high quality rubber on its tip to create scratch resistant touch and durability. It helps to achieve precise touch, once is in contact with the screen of the device. The tip is designed in a way to facilitate a smooth flow on the surface of the screen. Mchoice stylus pen is made from aluminum on the body to give a better grip. The nature of this metal also causes the total weight of the pen to be very light. This pen can create the sense of a normal pen on the digital screen in means for creation and self-expression for creating personal drawings and writing diaries. The wide range of device compatibility and also its long lasting material has made Mchoice stylus pen a favorite choice among the customers.
MChoice Stylus Touch Screen Pen
  • It comes in a packet of ten different colors.
  • The weight is 1.28 ounces.
  • The rubber tip pen for smooth navigation and is scratch free.
  • Its clip top helps to be clamped to a book or other items.
  • It is budget friendly and low cost.
  • The small size of it making it perfect for being carried even in pocket.
  • It is compatible with iPad and iPhone and many other android mobiles and tablets.  
  • It gives a wide range of color choice.
  • It is noticed by metal detectors and cannot be carried to the plane for its aluminum body.

MEKO Stylus Pen for iPad

This stylus pen is considered to a fine and luxurious version in the market. There are many differences between this stylus pen and others. It provides different tips for different usages of the pen. There is no plastic parts used in the design of it. Therefore, it has a longer duration to its life. The disk and fiber tips both can be used on any capacitive touch screens. The package includes spare parts for exchange of both disk and tip if they are damaged. To create the feel of a real pen, The MEKO stylus pen is heavier than the other lighter versions available in the market- but not enough heavy to tire the hand while writing or taking notes.. Thus, evoking a better hand muscle memory for comfort and enhanced precision. The material used to make the top of the pen, is rubber; it doesn’t generate any scratch on the device screen. The stainless steel and the total design gives a cultured appearance to it. While purchasing its package includes two stylus pens, four pieces of replacement disk and two replacement of fiber tips. The clear disk at the touch point to the screen permits a good vision on where exactly the mark is being made. These pens are suggested for drawings and creating high quality graphic designs. The disk stylus is not a fine point stylus. Though it possesses the same function. this pen down not require having a set up with the device. It could be directly used on the touch screen. Thus product could also be a perfect gift to friends and loved ones for its usefulness and also elegantly designed box.
MEKO Stylus Pen for iPad
  • It is 5.5 inches long.
  • The diameter of its tube is 0.35 inches.
  • The exact weight is 24 grams.
  • The material used in the body is stainless steel and aluminum.
  • This item has a clear disk.
  • It comes with spare parts.  
  • It is compatible with different devices, including iPads.
  • It has a replaceable tip in case of damaging the previous one.
  • It provides high precision.
  • It creates the feel of a real pen.
  • It has different tips functionally.   
  • The price is relatively high to compare with other stylus pens.