Do you have Kodi installed on your Smart TV, Android device, iOS device, macOS device, Windows OS device, and any other device, you probably have a couple of add-ons installed to get access to media contents from your devices. Kodi works mostly with different Add-ons created for the platform. The reason for this is because Kodi itself does not host or provide any content, it is rather a hub of entertainment and a collection of services that provides users with access to media content either at a premium or for free. One of such media service providers that you can install on Kodi is Amazon Prime owned by Amazon as indicated by its name. Read Also: KODI Easy Advanced Settings Explained

Install Amazon Prime On KODI

What is Amazon Prime?

With the worldwide embrace of online video streaming, many platforms were created in response to this surge in the demand for online access to movies, TV shows, podcasts and other media formats. One of such media platform is the Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime is one of the most popular media streaming platform that gives users access to new and popular TV shows and movies at a specific subscription fee like its more popular counterpart, Netflix. The Amazon prime service is not available in any country, but with the help of a very good VPN, you can access the Amazon prime server and its service from anywhere you are in the world.

Why you should install Amazon Prime on Kodi?

Kodi, as of recent, is the most popular open-source media player among lovers of entertainment and media streaming. Kodi is so popular that there are entire websites that are dedicated as an add-on to the Kodi platform which makes it even more of a great online media player than any of its alternatives.

If you own a Kodi, you most probably have come to the realization that without add-ons, Kodi itself is not much of an interesting platform. And you also will know that getting add-ons installed on your Kodi is not a hard process at all.

Installing Amazon Prime add-on to your Kodi will make everything from searching for and getting the latest TV shows and movies to watching these show very easy for you to do. With Amazon Prime add-on installed on your Kodi, you can skip the signup process for Amazon and get straight to watching the best Amazon prime contents right from any supported smart device that you own. It is a cheap and effective way of streaming media contents from Amazon Prime.

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How to Install Amazon Prime on Kodi.

If you have decided to get Amazon Prime Add-on installed on your Kodi, how do you go about actually getting this done? If you have that question in your mind, here's the way to go about that:
  • The first thing you need to do is search online and download an Amazon Prime repo zip file.
  • Open Kodi from whatever device you have installed your Kodi
  • Click on settings icon from the top left corner of the screen
  • Go to System Settings and click Expert mode, then click Add-ons
  • Allow installation of third-party add-ons from unknown sources
  • Then go back to the home screen
  • From the Kodi home screen, select the "Add-ons" option
  • You'll see an icon portraying an open box with an arrow pointing inside the opened box, click on the icon
  • Select "Install from Zip file" from the next menu
  • Locate the zip file that you downloaded earlier and click on it
  • When you see the add-on enabled notification, you can then go and select install from repository
  • Choose the name that corresponds with the zip file you just installed.
  • After that, go to "Video add-ons"
  • Select the Amazon prime option and tap on "install"
  • Wait till you get the add-on enabled notification, then you can access your Amazon Prime from the Add-ons option on the home screen.

While Amazon Prime is accessible to only customers that are subscribed to the service, using Amazon Prime on Kodi is free and requires no registration, which makes it a great choice for access to top movies and TV shows.

Unlocking Amazon Prime for all regions

Amazon Prime is not available for all-region. What this means is that there are select places or regions where you will be unable to access the service of Amazon Prime. This is not interesting information because we believe everybody, regardless of where you are, deserves access to entertainment and if they choose Amazon Prime, they should get the service wherever they are. To solve this region unavailability issue with Amazon Prime on Kodi, we suggest you use a VPN. With a VPN, you will be able to switch your IP to that of a region where the Amazon Prime service is available, and thereby unlock every content for your viewing pleasure. However, while making a VPN choice, ensure it is a VPN that is recommended by Kodi and genuine. Using a hoax VPN is not good for your safety.

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Once you get your Amazon Prime add-on successfully installed on your Kodi, you've got a genuine and Kodi compatible VPN set up, and your internet connection is good, then you have everything needed to have the best entertainment time of your life. All you need to do now is to just relax and enjoy your favourite TV shows and movies from your device any time you so wish. Easy as A, B, C.