Cartoons8 add-on on the Kodi Platform went offline for some time, but you can once again install this add-on to your Kodi and watch cartoons and anime for free from your device. Cartoon8 is a free service that offers unlimited access to cartoons and animes for its users. This service has been available as a Kodi add-on for a long time but was deactivated and taken down from the Kodi Add-on services list during "Kodi Crackdown" when Kodi blocked viewers' access to every free service on their platform. 

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Cartoons8 has been a free service was affected by this crackdown which made a lot of users lose access to the cartoons8 service from their Kodi platform. These users have since wished and sort for ways to reactivate the Cartoons8 service on their Kodi Platform. If you are one of these users, then we can tell you that you can now install the Cartoons8 add-on back to your Kodi platform once again, and enjoy all your favourite cartoons and anime for free.
Install Cartoons8 On KODI

How to Install cartoon8 on your Leia and Krypton versions of Kodi

If you own either a Leia or Krypton versions of Kodi, you can install the cartoons8 add-on to your Kodi by following the steps outlined below:
  • Open Kodi and from the home screen, and click on the gear icon. From the new menu, select the file manager option, and double click on the "add source" option
  • On the address bar that carries the words "<none>", copy and paste the following link
  • Once you've input the link into the address bar, click 'OK' and name the source URL as "GOLIATH".
  • A dialogue bar will pop-up, double that you have pasted the link correctly and click "OK" again,
  • Return to your Kodi home screen and click on the "add-ons" tabs.
  • From there, select the box icon at the top left corner of your screen.
  • Click on install from Zip file
  • Select mats from the menu that shows up and click on which is the URL you added earlier.
  • After a little while, you'll get a notification pop-up, click on "install from repository" and select the "Goliath" Add-ons repository
  • When that is done, go to Video add-ons, click on the "Cartoons8" option, and click the install button. Once the installation is done, you can start watching your favourite cartoons and Anime for free.

How to install Cartoons8 on Javis Version 16 or higher versions of Kodi

  • Open Kodi, and get to the file manager menu
  • Double click on the "Add source" menu
  • When you see the address bar that carries the '<none>' words, click on it and type in the URL: and tap done.
  • Set your source name to "Mats", click done, and from the pop-up menu, doublecheck that the URL is correct and click "OK"
  • Go back to your home screen and click on "system"
  • From there click on the "Add-ons" option and select "install from zip file"
  • Click on "Mats", a new menu will open where you'll click on "", then wait for the "Add-on installed" notification.
  • Now locate and select "install from repository", go to "Goliaths Add-ons" repository, and click on "Video Add-ons"
  • Select "Cartoons8" from the list and click "install"
  • Once you get a notification that the installation is complete, you can start enjoying your free Anime and cartoons from your Kodi.

Troubleshooting your Cartoons8 Kodi Errors

There are times where you'll install the cartoons8 add-on to your Kodi and still find out that the service is still throwing errors at you either immediately or later error. Some errors and their possible troubleshooting option are shared below.

Check Log Error:

This error arises from third-party add-ons with missing files in a repository or at times as a result of bulged up caches.

How to troubleshoot:

Confirm that the third-party repository you installed is updated. If it is updated, then clear your cache, and the error should go away. If the repository is not updated, try an updated repository.

Could not connect to the repository:

This is a very rare error that doesn't get thrown by Kodi often. Usually caused by broken links or obsolete repositories that are no more working.

How to troubleshoot:

Always try to check for active repositories before installing on your Kodi and wasting your time installing a repository that is out of use. Also, be sure to type in the correct URL when installing the repositories to your Kodi. If your link is broken or incorrect, Kodi will not be able to get the service and you'll get the error message.

If your Cartoons8 repository is working perfectly you can continue to watch and enjoy your favourite animes and cartoons and movies as you like from various supported sources such as;

Gogo Anime,
Super Cartoon, and a host of others.

To have an enjoyable experience watching your favourite cartoon shows and Anime from Cartoons8 Kodi Add-on, we recommend the use of VPN to protect yourself from DMCA notices, copyright infringement issues, and to unblock various add-ons and services that might be blocked and inaccessible from your region.

Look out for and install a VPN that is supported by Kodi to gain full access to all available contents on Cartoon8 Kodi Add-on and to give yourself protection. Once you get that in place, you can then start enjoying your free access to cartoons and animes for different ages. So if you have children, getting a Cartoon8 add-on for Kodi will help give your kids the best cartoon and anime. If you are also a lover of cartoons or anime, some contents are created for grown-ups and adults on Cartoons8 Kodi Add-on. You just have to install and enjoy all the free services and contents on Cartoons8 from your Kodi.