Smart TVs are the rave of the moment. With options to use your favourite social media platforms on your TV, stream movies and TV shows of your choice online, access media contents from available storages and a lot of many other options. The world is gradually embracing smart TVs as they are another way of improving our quality of lives and productivity. Smart TVs come with various Operating systems with different functions, but all in all, Smart TV, regardless of what the Operating System is, is a welcome development.

Install KODI On Vizio Smart TV

Kodi is a service created for lovers of entertainment. It is a hub that brings all your digital media together into a single user-friendly platform. Kodi is a 100% free and open-source platform that is customizable and available on different devices. The service is supported by a team of volunteers and a very huge community.

Kodi was formerly called and known as XBMC, and has won a couple of awards for the service it provides its users. It is a media player and hub of entertainment that is available for installations on devices running on Linux OS, macOSX, Windows OS, iOS and Android operating system.

Kodi allows users to view and play a lot of formats for videos, music, podcasts and a host of other media files directly from the internet or from local and network storage. The media are not provided by Kodi itself, rather it is the users that will manually provide their own contents or add contents from third-party online platforms.

Installing Kodi on Vizio Smart TV

If you own a smart TV that runs on Android Operating System, you can easily connect your Smart TV to the internet, and navigate to the Google Play store where you can download and install the Kodi android App directly to your Android Smart TV.

If you, however, own a non-android Smart TV like the Vizio Smart TV, you might need to look for an alternative way of getting the Kodi App installed on your device, so you can access your favourite Kodi Add-ons and collection of entertaining media. To do this alternative installation of Kodi on your Vizio Smart TV, simply follow the easy steps below:
  • Get an Android Box or Firestick
  • Connect your Android TV Box or Firestick to the Smart TV with the help of a special type of dedicated USB cable
  • Once you've got that set-up, Click on the Android TV Box or Firestick menu and find the google play option from there.
  • From the search option on the google play screen, make a search for "Kodi"
  • Once you see the Kodi App, click on it to get it installed on your firestick or Android TV box as applicable to your choice.
  • Once you get that done, your Smart TV now has Kodi installed and you can access the awesome contents produced by Kodi and its available Add-ons.

Recommended Kodi Add-ons for the best entertainment experience

After downloading and installing the Kodi App on your Vizio Smart TV with the help of the Android TV Box, Firestick or even Roku stick as you choose, you will need some Add-ons to help you access the best contents as Kodi in itself doesn't offer any media content.

Fusion TV add-ons

A recommend Add-on is Fusion which brings a lot of quality content to your Vizio Smart TV from your installed Kodi app. To install and activate Fusion TV add-on, do the following:
  • Go to your Kodi application and open it, open file manager
  • Select add source option and then enter this URL in the box that carries the word "none"
  • Click done and name the source as Fusion.
  • Press Ok to confirm your process when the notification pop-up appears
  • Make sure you enter the URL correctly because a broken link or missing file will throw error messages when you try to access after installation.
  • Go to your home screen and click on the main menu option, from there select the "System" option, and click on the add-ons option
  • From the options presented, select "install from zip file" option and select Fusion
  • Click on "start here",
  • Click on "" file next
  • Be patient as the installation process goes on. When the process is completed and you've followed their prompts on your screen all through, you can then restart your Vizio Smart TV and launch the Kodi app
  • Enjoy different entertainment option.
Follow the steps exactly, ensuring that you did not make any mistake, most especially with the URL. If you do this very well, then you will have The Add-on on your Vizio Smart TV and then you can access the content provided on the Add-on.

There is a host of Add-ons you can add to your Kodi platform for viewing the best of movies, TV shows, Cartoons, Anime, music video, podcasts and other media contents on your Vizio Smart TV. Some of the media content providers with available Kodi Add-on include:

Amazon Prime
Release BB
Mirror V2
Caetoons8 and many more

There you have it, your Kodi installed on your Vizio Smart TV and you've added an add-on to access the best of entertainment from your Smart TV. If you want more add-on, you can always do so with ease and enjoy even more contents.