If you are already a big fan of the KODI application, you must know a great deal about free access to TV programs, movies and Sports channels. This is a peer-to-peer system that works just like a torrent download. Although the application designers keep the KODI application updated at all times to access a wide range of programs. You could use KODI on a big TV screen through wireless attachment; not having any attachment cables is the plus point for many of its users. You will need to set your KODI application in order to be able to access your favorite channels. KODI application provides HD resolution. All you are required to set up your application are fresh links to be able to download, install, and then the final set up touch to get watching. There are various links that provide different add-on setups. the amazing part is that sometimes similar links create different add-ons. This is where KODI resolver comes to being. KODI URL resolver provides those similar links. They provide high quality streaming links and sieve through broken links. By installing KODI URL resolver, you safeguard s high quality and smooth streaming through the KODI app. Here is the step-by-step guide to install the KODI URL resolver.

How To Install URL Resolver KODI Add-On
Installation of KODI URL Resolver

KODI URL resolver helps to fetch the best streaming links for your application. It finds these links from the peer-to-peer media hosting sites. You can enhance your streaming by installing a KODI URL resolver. There many websites that offer zip code of URL Resolver. It is important to find a legitimate website; this way you are not presented with broken data or missing content of the zip. By doing research and benefiting from other user’s reviews you can find the best link to your download.

Installing KODI application

If you are a loyal fan, you already have a KODI set up in your home. Although if you are a new user, you need to start by downloading the KODI application. This application is absolutely free and accessible to many countries.  You can find it in the form of an app for both Android and Firestick devices. There are many versions of this application available. The latest is KODI 18, although if you get your hands on the older versions; they are equally good as the new ones. The installation process is quite simple; Once you have downloaded the application successfully, you require adding links and Add-ons.

Download KODI URL Resolver

It is more convenient to download the KODI URL Resolver in a zip. Once you have downloaded it beforehand, it helps you to proceed with your add-on set up before breaking the process. Download it on your device and have it handy.

Open KODI application

Once you have launched the KODI application, find the option for the Add-on menu and click on it.

Add-on menu

Once you have opened the Add-on menu, you need to look for the icon that states ‘Install from the Zip file’  and click on it.

Install from the zip

Once you have clicked on the button, a browser window will be opened which permits you to choose the already downloaded zip file for KODI URL Resolver. You need to select the pre-download and click ‘OK’.

Waiting for installation

Once the installation starts, there will be a short time for the installation to take place. And then wait until the add-on is installed. There will be a notification on the top right corner of the screen. When you receive the notification, proceed to the next step.

KODI Home Page

You need to redirect back to the main page of the application. You will need to find the setting button. It is in the form of a gear button on the top left part of the panel. Click on the System Setting icon.

Pre-set to basic

Once you have clicked on the setting button, change the system setting to advanced or standard. In case of being as preset to Basic.

Add-on button

While you are on the system setting page, find the Add-ons. You will be redirected to another page. You need to look for a button that states ‘Manage dependencies’ and select this button.

URL Resolver Button

You can then scroll down the page and find that icon that states URL Resolver Add-on. There, you can find the button stating ‘Update’ and click on it.

Updating URL Resolver Add-on

Once you have clicked the update button, the update starts; it might be requiring a short while to revise this update. You will be presented with various options for your update as well. You need to choose an option for the update. This is highly dependent on your personal preference. Once you have selected the desired option, the update can complete its course.

Updating your device through URL Resolver Add-on

The final step does not involve you. You are required to wait for the URL Resolver add-on to update your whole gadget. Depending on various factors, it may require some time.


KODI URL resolver helps to find the best link by connecting your application to the most legitimate hosts. It can help you by saving time by removing the broken links to add-ons and also, filtering the low-quality links to streaming hosts. This URL is automatically installed with any add-on incorporated with it. This results in a higher quality of KODI application use and the user’s convenience. If you are not already using the KODI URL resolver, you can start by using the easy and step-by-step guide given above. You can then, have a more pleasant experience while your resolver is doing all the work in the background.