The Netgear WiFi router range extender comes with a WPA (WiFi Protected Access) system which makes it able to connect to other devices seamless. When this WiFi extender starts blinking orange light, its an indication of a problem from the Internet Service Provider. It doesn't mean that any serious damage has befallen your router, rather, it means you need to do some troubleshooting to get your router back up and functional. To begin you can do a quick check for any connection problem. Once you see that your connection is affected (It most likely will be) then after reading this article to the end, you will be able to solve the orange light problem of your router.

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How do I fix the Orange Light on my Netgear Router?
There are a couple of ways you can take to fix or troubleshoot the problem of your Netgear Router blinking Orange light and we will look at them all. To start, let's look at the first troubleshooting process.

Process #1

  • Check your internet connectivity for any issue. Once spotted proceed to the next step
  • Unplug your internet cable wire from the Netgear router and replug
  • Once done, reboot your modem and router, connect your PC directly to your modem
  • You can call your Internet Service Provider (ISP) at this point to lodge a complaint. If the internet service provider says nothing is wrong with your router, then the problem is likely with your network connection.
  • In that case, check your Ethernet cable or network setting, or simply call a professional technician to help you with troubleshooting the possible network issue you might be having
  • If after taking all these above processes, your Netgear router is still flashing the Orange light, you might need to do a factory reset. After the factory reset, you can then reconfigure the router
This should fix the orange light issue with your Netgear router, and it should be fully operational thereafter.

Process #2

In other cases, the orange light on your Netgear router might be flashing due to a number of the following reason
  • Wrong Connection
  • Faulty Cable
  • Unidentified network issue
  • Firmware Problem

Wrong Connection

There are a lot of times where the reason for the blinking orange light of your Netgear router is (or will be) as a result of wrong or improper connection. In such cases, you need to look more carefully at your devices and confirm that they are connected to each other properly.

To get the proper connection, ensure that your modem is properly connected to the yellow port of your Netgear router. You must ensure that the router is properly connected to fix the orange light issue on your Netgear router.

Faulty Cable

If you've fixed the Netgear router and the problem still exists, the problem might be with one of the cables. A faulty cable can cause the orange light on your Netgear router. Try changing the old Ethernet cables with new ones to see if the orange light will switch for the green or blue light.

If after changing the cables, the Orange light goes off for a green or blue light, it means the problem is solved and you can start accessing the internet once again.

However, if after making changes to the cable, the orange light still consistently flashes, then you might have to consider another solution.

Unidentified network issue

Another cause of the flashing orange light on your Netgear router is as a result of an unidentified network. This occurs when your modem is unable to identify the router or connect with it. When such happens, the way to go is to clone your PC's MAC address into your router, and then try to reconnect your modem with your router.

To do a MAC cloning on your router, what you need to do is
  • Open the Netgear setting page on your PC
  • From there, go to advance setting and select MAC cloning.
  • Proceed to clone the MAC.
  • Once that's done, click on the 'apply' button and then click Ok.

Firmware Problem

If cloning the MAC address of your PC into your router doesn't solve the orange flashing light issue, the reason for this might be firmware related. When such occurs you will need to update your router's software. The reason for performing the update is because the older software sometimes is unable to handle the necessary settings to run effectively after some time. Therefore, you need to update the software of your router. To do this, you will check for availability of an update for your firmware at and navigate to the firmware section to check for available updates.

All the above solutions provided should be able to eradicate the flashing orange light on your Netgear router. If, however, the problem still persists, you might need to reset your router. The router comes with a reset button that you can press to reset the Netgear router. After the reset is done, you can proceed to restart your router and your modem an the problem will already be fixed.

Process #3

Another process you can take to solve the blinking orange light issue of your Netgear router is to set up the router manually. To do this, follow the below steps:
  • Open the browser on your PC and type in the URL 192.1681.1
  • Enter username and password and click login
  • Once logged in, click on the manual configuration option and select Next.
  • Navigate to the "basic settings" page
  • To solve the blinking Netgear router orange light, select yes when the network connection requires login
  • Select PPPoA, enter your login details as provided by your ISP.
  • Proceed to enable net on ISP and click on the apply button.
  • Go to wireless security and enter your network name. From there, select channel 11 and region, select the speed of 108mbps and enable WiFi access.
  • Select the "security type" box and enter your password. Take care not to forget your password and username.
  • Apply the changes to your router and restart the router.

One of these above solutions will definitely solve your Netgear router issue. If there's anything that's beyond your understanding, you can always use the help of professionals when needed.