Errors are a common feature in a computer today. Whenever we attempt to start a program, we can get a runtime error. There are many types of computer runtime errors. Most of them arise from a fault in a system file required for the program you want to run. Once the fault is detected by the program, it generates an error message. The error message will usually contain information that can help solve the problem. So once you see an error message, you shouldn't ignore it, but read it to know the problem. 
Netgear Router Error 651
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Many errors are numbered and it is usually because they are common e.g. error 404. So when you see a numbered error, others have probably experienced. This means that there is probably a working solution to the error already. You can search online and you will find a valid solution. When you use a Netgear router, one of the most common errors you can encounter is error 651. Many things can cause the error, and they are all probable causes each time. Some of these possible causes include a faulty driver or a misconfigured I.P address. Regardless of the cause, there are some steps you can take to fix the problem easily. These steps include:

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Disconnect and reconnect your router or your connecting device: This is the first step you should take as the error can be from a faulty connection. The only way to test if this is the cause is to re-establish the connection. If this is the cause, then the error will be cleared and you can resume normal service. If you are using a router, then you should switch it off for a short while (minimum of 5 minutes). After this period, reconnect and turn on the router. Allow the router to boot properly, wait for at least 2 minutes. After this, check if your connection is working. If you are using a LAN cable, then you need to disconnect and reconnect it back. Once you reconnect it, the network will works as usual if this was the cause. At the end of this fix, if it’s still not working, then you should try another option.

Restore your TCP/IP setting to default on your PC: In many of the reported cases, this is the most common problem. So you could try this option first if you wish. TCP and IP are two protocols that control your internet activity. If any of them is altered in any way, then you will get an error. All you will have to do is simply run an automated query on your computer. First, ensure that you are signed in to the computer's administrative account. If you are, then you need to open the command prompt as an administrator. Type in the following command, “netsh int ip reset reset.log” and press enter. Once it completes, restart your computer so the changes will take effect.
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Re-establish the dial-up connectionIn some cases, you may have a connection, but it freezes or stops in between. In such cases, the most effective method of solving the problem is to re-establish your dial-up connection. To do this, you simply need to right-click on the option for dial-up or broadband connection. Here, you will create a copy, or duplicate the current connection, and then delete the original. If you need help doing this, follow the steps.
  • Open network and sharing center. Choose the option labeled change adapter setting.
  • Select your connection, and then right-click. When the options come up, choose to create a copy.
  • You will now have a copy of your active connection.
  • Delete the old one, and select redial on the new one.
Update your driver or your network cardIf your diver card or network card is responsible for the error, you will need to update it. This method is usually effective but it has one major flaw; it requires an internet connection. So you are trying to restore your internet connection, but you need an internet connection. If you can get a connection, you can do it manually or automatically. Some applications help you to automatically update network drivers and cards. You can install one and let it update the card or driver. You can also find it yourself in your device manager and use the manual update option.

Boot your computer in safe mode, and then disable the antivirus: Safe mode allows you to carry out options that you cannot do in the normal mode. Normally, there may be security measures on your computer that interfere with the router. If this is the case, safe mode may help. If you know how to get to safe mode, then enter it and try your connection. For those who don't know how to do it, just follow this instruction. First, restart your computer. Once it begins its launch, continually press F8. This will give you the advance boot options, where you can enable safe mode. Once this is complete, then the connection should work. You will sign in to, and use the internet.

Open clean boot: Clean boot is a way of resetting any long-running processes, usually to help improve performance. So if the error is caused by a process, it will work once you carry out this step. If you need help doing this, follow the instruction. First, search for "msconfig.exe", using the search bar. Select it, and then open windows configuration. Under the tab labeled General, select selective startup, and chose the start-up programs. Hide all Microsoft services in the services tab, disable all services and restart your computer. You have effected a clean boot.