Santoshi Shetty is a popular social media star with more than 675,000 fans on Instagram. 

She is a Fashion and lifestyle blogger.

In 2016, she was named Blogger of the Year by both Cosmopolitan and Elle. She also won Palladium Spotlight's 2017 Fashion Blogger of the Year.

She has one sister, Sanskruti Shetty.

Santoshi Shetty Boyfriend's Name- Santoshi Shetty doesn't have a boyfriend right now. 

Ex-boyfriend- Usaamah Siddique

Birth dateDecember 17, 1993

Santoshi Shetty Instagram Profile- @santoshishetty

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According to her-
As an architecture student, I have grown to love design. In architecture school I have learnt to experiment with my spaces, this has also helped me immensely with my personal style. I have enjoyed playing with trends, colours, patterns and textures. 


THE STYLEDGE  is my perception to fashion, travel & lifestyle. It feels great to know that my work is being acknowledged and grateful for the recognition I've received as Cosmopolitan Blogger of the year 2016Elle Blogger of the year 2016 & Palladium Spotlight Fashion Blogger of the year 2017.

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