KODI acts as one solution for streaming all your favourite content, whether it is movies, shows, documentaries, live news, or sports events. KODI is a free media centre application, available on many different operating systems. It was only available in the first-generation Xbox console during the time of its introduction. Now, it is available in almost all operating systems like Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, etc...

KODI was developed in 2002 by XBMC foundation.KODI was known formerly as XBMC. KODI along with the third-party add-on allows you to stream free movies, television vision shows, live streams, sports, kids movies, etc… KODI has a wide variety of add-ons for users to choose according to their needs and device.
How to Update Kodi to Latest Version

People of the modern era is leading a very hectic life. They literally have no much time to put in even for the entertainment purpose. Everything is available at their fingertips. Technology has helped them to live an easier life.

Earlier the only source of entertainment available was television and radio. Today, we have a lot  of streaming services and different types of streaming platforms. KODI is one such source that let you watch any movie or television series according to your needs. You can watch it anywhere in your preferred time. You don’t have to put much effort for this. KODI has many add-on servers that gives a wide collection of movies of all genres at your fingertips. You can watch it while you are travelling or you are at home.

One of the main reasons why the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are so popular is due to the fact that they are powerful and inexpensive devices that can run the KODI. KODI and other streaming platforms are slowly replacing the traditional cable and dish TV operators. The quality of the videos available in KODI is far better than the ones provided by television operators. KODI makes you feel like you are sitting at theatres.


KODI add-ons are small applications that extend the functionality of the core software. It provides more advantages and possibilities to the user. There are many thousands of add-ons available for KODI.


KODI EASY ADVANCED SETTINGS:- By installing the Easy Advanced Settings Add-On, users can manually adjust the cache size that allows in processing the data faster, therefore reducing the buffering issues.

FEN:-  It is one of the popular and mostly used add-ons. Feb works on all  KODI devices including Firestick. Fen has a huge variety of contents that are updated regularly.

EXODUS V8:- Exodus V8 is one of the most used add-ons. It already had a good run in the sector. It has a huge variety of contents. This add-on is updated regularly.

TEMPEST:- The Tempest has a solid library of movies and TV shows. It features the latest movies and episodes of series and shows. Plenty of old content is also available in Tempest.


The updating process differs according to the operator they are working on. The most common way is to uninstall the older version and installing the application again. But all data will be lost, they can’t be backed up.

Let’s look at how KODI can be updated in different operating systems:-

WINDOWS:- An add-on called Windows Installer let you update KODI from within the application. No data will be lost by this kind of update.

iOS:- There is no other way to update KODI other than reinstalling the application.

ANDROID:- Android users can go to play store and update the application from the section called “MY APPS AND GAMES”.

Xbox ONE:- Xbox One will automatically update all the applications.


A VPN hides the activity of KODI users. There are many streaming sites that are illegal. And KODI doesn’t restrict the streaming of any illegal sites. A VPN allows you to anonymously access the streaming sites by hiding and protecting your IP address.


KODI doesn’t block illegal sites from streaming content on its platform.

They don’t provide in house subtitles.

Lack of security and privacy that makes KODI users very vulnerable to hackers.

The Internet Service Provider can track all the history unless the user is using a VPN.

Many add-ons of KODI have some serious malware.


It is very easy to install KODI in Android TV Box. You can either download it directly to the Android TV Box or you can download it via Google Play Store.

There are many add-ons available for KODI that increase its user experience. You can select an add-on from the vast choices available according to your needs and device.

Downloading KODI and using it is not illegal. However, there is a chance for problems if you are streaming videos via illegal sites. Do always give priorities to legal sites.

It is essential to use a VPN to protect your personal information including IP address. VPN also protects you from internet service providers from accessing your history.

You can get thousands of add-ons as a bundle if you install SuperRepo app. SuperRepo is a repository of KODI.The add-on is already on you system, if you has SuperRepo installed. And you can install Easy Advanced Settings or any other add-on when it is needed. This saves a lot of time.

The add-on Easy Advanced Settings cannot stop the entire buffering but will limit the buffering problem to an extent. You can install SuperRepo and Easy Advanced Settings for a better experience with limited buffering.

Use the technology wisely. Don’t let it swallow you in bits. Have a great and safe streaming.