Snapchat trophies are fun to collect and help improve user experience on Snapchat. The trophies are a hit with users, causing frequent conversations in chat rooms. There are many collectors all across the world and more emerge regularly. Since 2015, collecting trophies on Snapchat has become a frequent feature. The tasks required to achieve these trophies are frequently completed daily. Thanks to these trophies, Snapchat usage has increased significantly over the last five years. 
How To Check Trophies On Snapchat
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Online communities are filled with Snapchat users bragging about their trophy collection. This can make some people wonder why the trophy hunt is important. For those new to collecting, you can easily be intimidated by those who have large trophy collections. So you will want to build your trophy collection. 

You will begin to complete tasks and achievements to unlock these trophies. The more you collect, the larger your trophy case will get until the case is filled. At this point, you are now a veteran collector and can begin to talk about your achievements. You can even begin to offer advice to other trophy hunters on how to get trophies. At this point, you will have a significant reputation on Snapchat.

Checking your trophies on Snapchat

While you are chasing the trophies, little else may matter to you on Snapchat. It can become a singular obsession that will have you completely focused. Some people spend hours on end on the platform attempting tasks to gain trophies. As you progress, you will need to keep an eye on your trophy case. This will enable you to monitor your progress in the trophy hunt. Monitoring your progress will let you know how far you have come, and how much is left. So you can focus on the remaining tasks to achieve a full trophy case. In some cases, an impressive trophy case is enough to spark debate amongst collectors. So you will need to check your trophies frequently. For the experts, this is not a problem, as they can do it easily. However, for those new to the hunt or those who are yet to begin, you may not be able to check your progress. You will some help locating the trophy case to monitor your progress. So you won’t waste time on tasks you have completed, ad trophies you have already earned. You can focus on the trophies you are yet to unlock. You can also check your trophy case for information on how to earn a trophy. So you know the next target. If you want to check your trophy case, you just need to follow the following steps. 

  • Select the ghost icon: Everyone who uses Snapchat should be able to locate the ghost icon. This icon controls your profile. Here, you can make all the alterations to your profile. This is the user control of your Snapchat account. So everything can be controlled from this location. Your settings account information and all other details have icons in the ghost icon. It serves a similar function to the home icon in smartphones. It will open the base of operations of your account. This icon is located at the top of the screen of your Snapchat camera. Once you tap this icon, you will get another set of icons.
  • Select the trophy icon: The ghost bar will offer you many icons once you click on it. All these icons are to control different aspects of your Snapchat profile. The icons also include settings for your account personalization. You will be able to make any alteration and view all information relating to your account. One of the icons in this set of icons is a trophy icon. In this icon, all your trophy related information is contained. So you will be able to see your trophy progress under this icon. So you need to select the trophy icon to enter your trophy room.
  • Click on a trophy: Once you select the trophy icon, you will be led to your trophy room. Here, you will see the trophies you have earned so far. By default, there will be a locked padlock icon on the trophies you haven’t earned yet. So if you have not yet earned any trophies, all the slots will appear with the locked icon. The ones you have earned will be displayed as their emojis. You can click on the icon to see the requirements to unlock the trophy. Once you begin, you can click on the icon to check your current progress. With this, you know exactly what you need to do to unlock a trophy.
  • Follow up on your progress: Now that you can see your progress so far, you can aim to achieve the trophies. So if you are a collector, your task has been made easier. With each task you complete, you can check for the requirements of a new task. If you feel a task is taking too long, you can view your progress in the trophy room for an update. You can continue to earn trophies and fill your collection until your trophy case is full. Once there are no more trophies to be won, then the task is complete and you are an expert. You can now focus on other Snapchat activities or activities outside Snapchat.
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As some of the trophies on Snapchat are easy to obtain, some are difficult as well. This can sometimes require hours of trying to achieve. This leads to people actively using Snapchat with no intentions other than trophies. As a result, people say it caused an addiction among Snapchat users, and that is why Snapchat removed trophies. While we cannot be certain that this is the reason, it is a very likely possibility. So while you are trophy hunting, it is important to do so in moderation and use it wisely. You should also use it for the intended reason, communication.