Social Media is one of the most popular advancements of the 21st century. It has helped to improve communication as well as make the world a global village. Since the turn of the century, many social media have emerged. With different features, these social media platforms have millions of users. With the emergence of smartphones, social media usage has increased. Smartphones make social media usage more convenient and portable. Almost everyone has a social media account. In some cases, some people have multiple accounts, on a single platform, or across several platforms. To make social media more attractive, some platforms incorporate special features to their roster. These features will improve the experience for users. It will also improve the number of people using the platform. Social media apps are some of the most downloaded apps on social media. Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms available. With more than 30 million users worldwide, the platform is a favorite of the people. Snapchat is widely used on smartphones, hence it is widely downloaded on app stores. This usage is increased thanks to the fact that download the app is free.

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Where Did The Snapchat Trophies Go

What are Snapchat trophies?

If you use Snapchat frequently, you will likely have encountered the Snapchat trophies. Those who don’t use Snapchat will likely have heard about it. For a while, Snapchat trophies have been a popular topic on social media. Snapchat trophies are rewards that are earned when using Snapchat. These trophies don't usually have a use on your Snapchat. They do, however, add to the experience of using the platform. This has made them widely popular in the social media community. They operate on work and achieve principle. This means that the more you do on Snapchat, the more trophies you can earn. It should, however, be noted that your using the app alone may not be enough to earn you a trophy. The trophies are usually tied to specific milestones or actions from the users. So, the more features you use or activate on Snapchat, the higher your chances of earning a trophy. The popularity of Snapchat trophies improved Snapchat usage worldwide. If they weren’t being sought after, they were being talked about. So in a way, they did what they were meant to do; improve the experience for users. For a period, Snapchat was the most active social media platform in the world.

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What happened to Snapchat trophies?

Snapchat trophies were first introduced to the platform in August 2015. At first, they were only 16 Snapchat trophies introduced. These trophies were exciting and it had users chasing after them. Subsequently, more trophies were added. The trophies were added seasonally in small numbers. At some points, two trophies would be added. On other occasions, four,  or one would be added to the trophies. This continued until the total number of achievable trophies increased to this point, the Snapchat trophies were already at the height of discussion and had Snapchat buzzing. This would continue until mid-2019. 

The latest update of Snapchat at that period did not have room for the trophies. This was unexpected and it had people talking about it for a long time. People expected Snapchat to explain the decision, but an explanation never manifested. According to some conspiracy theories, the trophies had become an addiction amongst Snapchat users. In an attempt to cure this addiction, Snapchat had removed the trophies. This theory was nothing more than a theory and we don’t know if it was true. There was never any official statement regarding this act.

The return of the Snapchat trophies

Snapchat trophies had created a hobby for many users. Some had become collectors of these trophies. It has also led people to believe that this would create advertising opportunities for collectors. So when the trophies were removed with a new update, people were puzzled. This situation would not last long in the end. After seeing the conversation that removing the trophies had sparked, Snapchat had to act fast. With the updates in 2020, the trophies may be returned to Snapchat. So if you still don’t Snapchat trophies, you may be using an outdated app. Once you update to a more recent version, you should have Snapchat trophies again. The is no official confirmation that this will happen yet, but people are expectant.  Some people believe that Snapchat never had the intention of removing the trophies permanently. These people believed that Snapchat removed the trophies to improve them in later versions. Should Snapchat return the trophies, this theory may turn out to be accurate. Earning some of these trophies could become easier to earn, so more people can get them. So for collectors, it will improve the chances of completing the collection. The Snapchat trophies have once again become a topic in the social media circuit. From its return to people seeking more trophies, Snapchat trophies are in the discussion center.

Unlocking Snapchat trophies

While the trophies are not available in current updates, those with older versions may still have access to them. If you are in this category, then you can collect the trophies and fill up the trophy case. If you notice that you still have the trophy case, then collecting may still be a possibility. As we stated earlier, the trophies operate on an achievement principle. You earn them for completing some acts on Snapchat. They serve as a reward or motivation to Snapchat users. Some of the trophies are easy to earn and can be gotten simply by signing up. While others are a lot more difficult to earn. Once you collect all 32 trophies, your trophy case will be full. The number of trophy spaces is limited to 32 slots, and there is no room for more. For those who want to collect these trophies, a simple Internet search will show you how to get them.