While an iPad may be a generally complex device, there are simple ways to download movies using the Vudu Movies and TV app. The app had been optimized for your iPad so this feature will not expose your device to any risk. There are two ways in which you can access the download option on the Vudu app on your iPad. It can either be by downloading and installing the app on your device or by simply using a link to the App without necessarily installing it.

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How To Download Vudu Movies On iPad
Using a link to access the App
Open the Safari browser on your iPad and navigate to www.vudu.com. The process is not at all complex, you simply navigate as you normally would on any other website.
To ease the process of going in and out of the site, you may add the link to your home screen. After this you can then set up your account to enjoy the full benefits of the app.
Things to note before downloading
1. Check your storage
You should check the available storage before attempting to download. Insufficient storage will result in a downloading error. If the storage is low it would be wise to create space before attempting to download.
2.Adjust your account settings
It is important to adjust the settings to set limits on bandwidth per hour over cellular.

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Downloading movies on the Vudu Movies and TV app
In order to use this feature, you must be connected to the internet. The app allows you to download movies to the hard disk drive built-in the Vudu device. This allows you to watch the movies while offline or without an internet connection.
The Vudu app will only allow for download upon purchase of the movie. You can only then download a movie you own on the app.
How to purchase a movie
After having searched Vudu and found the movie you would like to purchase and download:
  • Go to the movie details page and select "Buy movies"
  • Select the video quality you would like to own (HDX, HD, DS), HDX is the most suitable for a device a large as an iPad.
  • Once the purchase of the movie is complete, you will be given various options. You will then select the "download and watch later" option. The movie will then start downloading. If you select the "watch now" option and begin to watch the movie immediately, downloading of movies will be suspended for the duration of the movie.
How to download a movie you already own
  • Go to the movie details page and select "manage download"
  • Select "Add ABC for Download" where ABC represents the movie video quality ( HDX, HD, SD) that you wish to download.
  • The selected movie will then be added to your movie download queue. It will start downloading soon after all the other movies previously added to the download queue finish downloading.
How to check if the movie has downloaded
Go to the movie details page. At the bottom of the page you will see the download status of the movie. It will show if the download is complete, or if the download of the movie is still pending and if the movie download has failed. Any text in red indicates an error in the download.
Managing your download queue
If you add more than one movie to the download queue, they will download in the order they were added. However, if you wish to move a movie to the top of the queue you can easily do so by following the steps below:
  • Go to the movie details page on the movie you wish to move to the top and select "Manage Download"
  • Select the movie video quality (HDX, HD, SD) of the movie you wish to move. If you own more than one movie under the same movie video quality type, there may be a preceding number which you will then select.
  • The selected movie video quality and subsequent be number will then be moved to the top of the downloading queue.
Important Things To Note
If you wish to download and save the movie on an external device, you will have to re-install the Vudu Movies and TV app on the external device. If the movie is saved to the iPad you can only access it on a different device if the device is linked to the iPad.
It is important to ensure that your connection is secure before you attempt to download a movie. This is so that you avoid encountering errors that hinder the downloading process. In some instances, connection may be as a result of a fault in the Vudu app and not necessarily your network. To solve this problem, you will have to contact the Vudu Customer Service.
Also, insufficient disk space may pose a threat to the downloading process. This is why it is important to ensure that your device has sufficient disk space before attempting to download. If there is not enough space the download is most likely to stall or fail to complete.
It helps to check the download status bar to monitor the progress of the download. To do this you go to the details page and click on manage download.
It is important to check for anything that may hinder the download process. Look out for things such as network problems or insufficient disk space before you attempt the download. Make sure that you own the movie you want to download.