Netflix has revolutionized how we watch TV shows, movies and documentaries. Unlike Cable TV, Netflix gives you lot more choice on what you watch. You can stream your movies anywhere on your mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets as long as there's available internet network available.

Netflix has so many amazing features that makes it dear to movie lovers. Unlike in cable TV where you have to buy expensive hardware to have access, you only need your smartphone and the Netflix app for access. Of course, you'll need a subscription and a network connection (which you also need for your cable TV).
How To Fix Netflix 0013 Error
The shows are available to you within a wide range of time. You don't have to leave everything and rush home in order to meet up with your favorite shows. With a good headphone and smartphone, you can stream your movies in the bus, train or in the public park.

You can also save your favorite shows on the app if you're not ready to watch them yet or if you enjoyed them so much you want to watch them again and again. You do not need to waste decoder memory space saving useless programs all-day especially when you're at work or too busy for a sit-in.

Also, you're spared the cost and inconveniences involved in the installation and maintenance of cable TV. The upsides of this streaming service are so endless it has attracted millions of subscribers within the last few years.

This doesn't mean it's a perfect service made in heaven. You can sometimes have some issues with streaming your favorite shows on the app. If this happens, you will usually get an error message that tells you that something is wrong with the connection. One of this error message is the 0013 error message. If you get this message, don't panic. It's probably something that can be resolved in a minute. What this error message is trying to tell you is that something needs to be refreshed in your device for better compatibility.

We are going to assume you've tried playing the movie or TV show a few times and got the same error message. There are a few simple steps you can take to fix this problem. Let's examine them below:

Restart Something: This is an age-old method of trying to fix problems with our capricious friend — technology. The first thing to do when your technological device is misbehaving is to restart it. You can turn off the data connection on your device, wait a few moments and turn it on again. Try streaming the show again. If it still displays the same error message, reboot your device and try again. You can also close the Netflix app, wait a moment and execute it again. Hopefully this time, the video will stream seamlessly.

Try Playing Another Video: This is the next action you should take. There could be something wrong with the link of the video. It could need an update to make it compatible with the app. Try playing another video. If it plays seamlessly, go back and try playing the previous one again. If the error message is still displayed, go to the 'Viewing Activity' tab and report it as being faulty. The absence of 'Report A Problem' link means that it has already been reported and will be resolved soon. Wait for a few hours and try it again.

Connect To Another Network: Your network configurations can be responsible for this error. If it's not properly configured, it can result in the 0013 error. To find out if this is the case, try using a different network. If you were using a Wi-Fi connection, you can try using another Wi-Fi connection, perhaps from your neighbor. You can briefly try using an ethernet connection or the data connection in your smartphone. If the ethernet or data connection works just fine, you'll need to contact your installation technician to reconfigure your network. You can also contact your Internet Service Provider for support.

Clearing The Netflix App Saved Data: This removes the data saved on the app. You should be aware that doing this will delete the titles you've saved on the app.

To clear the saved data on your Netflix app,

  • Open the Netflix app.
  • Go to 'settings' and click 'General'.
  • Click on 'Applications' and then 'Applications Manager'.
  • Click on 'Netflix' and then click on 'downloaded'.
  • Click on 'storage' and then 'Clear Data'.
  • Click 'Ok'.
This will more or less refresh the app. Try playing the video again.

Download Another Netflix App: If clearing the data in the app doesn't help, you may need to download another Netflix App. You can uninstall the app and download another one from Google Play Store. Make sure you're downloading a version compatible with your phone. You can also simply update your Netflix app. You should note that uninstalling your Netflix app also deletes your saved titles.

Ironically, an update on the App can also cause the 0013 error message. This could be because the new version is incompatible with your device's firmware.

Since the older version will no longer be available on Play Store, you will have to download an APK of the older version from the Netflix website. To install it you will have to enable 'Allow Installation of Applications From Unknown Sources' in your device's security settings.

Disable Automatic Update: Your network settings may allow Google to automatically update your apps on Play Store once an update is available and you have a data connection. If updating the Netflix app makes it incompatible with your device, it will be useful to stop the automatic updates.

To do this, open the Play Store app and then the Netflix page. Uncheck the 'Automatic Update' box. Your Netflix app will no longer be updated unless you want to.

Contact Your Device Manufacturer: If you've tried everything above. Your device is probably not compatible with streaming videos on Netflix. You may need to contact them for advice. It could involve software updates or network settings. You can also contact the Netflix support on their website. Or just buy another smartphone.